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Updating of security procedures

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Furthermore, over half of our e System clients have contracted Fields to manage and maintain their systems on their behalf.The next step is to conduct a series of workshops with the client.During the workshops, our consultant leads the clients’ team through a series of discussions that address each of the topics in the written outline.This document is then submitted to the client for review and comment.After all input from the client has been received, we then prepare a final version of the Security Policies and Procedures Manual.Information security is a broad subject, with international standards such as BS7799 and ISO/IEC27002 already in place.

Our security professionals have a vast amount of experience in analysing core corporate processes, the systems behind them, and their link with network security.

This is submitted to the client in editable, electronic format so that the document can be continuously updated as needed.

We can also work with the client to prepare a web-based policies and procedures manual that can be made available on the client’s intra-net.

We then create a written outline that addresses all topics that are to be included in the security policies and procedures manual.

Depending on the type and size of the organization, this outline could include 50 to 500 security-related topics that are to be considered for inclusion in the manual.

For more than 25 years, we have been helping organizations of all types in preparing written security policies and procedures manuals.