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Every developer should be able to curve fit his indicator to work perfectly on past price data.Unfortunately, this developer never took this step, so there is no way to measure the effectiveness of his indicators. Most modern trading platforms have the ability to drop an indicator onto a chart and quickly back test. Vance Cast feels that submitting his indicators to statistical analysis is not that important.

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Can you imagine the respect I would get if I added that to the end of my name and had all my of employees now refer to me as a doctor?The first assistant explained that the doctor does not show any sort of trading verification, but if I attended the trading room, then I would be able to plainly see the brilliance of the doctor on full display.The next guy I spoke with, I was a bit more aggressive regarding verifying Dr.And so, I decided to do a little research into our “Doctor”. One of the assistants said that he was a doctor of psychology, and so I asked him which university?He said that nobody had ever asked him this question and he would get back to me.Over a period of time, usually a few weeks, we can determine whether the moderator’s trades are consistently profitable, and whether these trades are can be replicated. Vance himself, and speak with him about his indicators and how someone could verify the promises of “turning me into a full time professional trader”.

Once again, Dr Vance can provide no record of any trades called in his live trading room. Unfortunately, the doctor was very busy and so I got to speak with both of his assistants, on two separate occasions.

Vance trade live and that I should talk to the other people in the trading room, and that they will all verify that Dr. I told him that all of this could be quickly alleviated, and that I was ready to send my $7,800 the very moment that Dr. I wasn’t asking for much, just a single month account statement showing that he trades, and that he made a net profit of at least one dollar.

This simple request, the lowest of low bars was flatly denied.

The moderator prefers to be called a Doctor, but a Doctor or what? A complete smoke show of trading nonsense that targets low information AM radio listeners.

The trading room is a daily, two hour infomercial focused on selling, not trading. Delta Trading Group is an indicator package and trading room owned and moderated by Dr. The cost of the indicators is a one time fee of $7,800, and the trading room has a monthly fee of $600.

Finally, I look for a track record of the trades called in the live trading room.