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Randomaccessfile updating

Use the Preview tab to see how your post will look. Copy/paste the exact, complete error message, and indicate clearly which line caused it.On windows I see the following exception on Windows in mapdb 0.9.6: Exception in thread "main" File Not Found Exception: C:\testbed\database.index.t (Access is denied) at org.mapdb. not sure if this is do to file locking or just windows being slow to delete. Mapped File Vol constructor to retry file open and this solved my issue.

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If you read the same value into an 8-bit byte, the left-most bit is 1 ... Random Access File; public class Create File4 { public static void main(String[] args) { try // try catch (Exception e) ...It seems the read (byte[],int off, int len) function would help me with buffering my reads, but I'm still green under the collar when it comes to manipulating Java primitive ...Hi, I have a servlet I need to deploy in Tomcat5 on Win 2003 server using java 1.4.2_04.One way or another, I'll report back with findings. The performance is good and in some cases slightly better (we are using async Write Enabled, mmap File Enable and sync On Commit Disable()) I haven't seen the "Access Is Denied" error since updating.I didn't have a consistently reproducible testcase to begin, so I can't say for 'certain' that this is fixed, but it certainly looks promising that the locking changes have addressed our issue.-I can't say for sure if it is locking or something else that prevents opening of the Random Access File, but I did put in some tracing that should have put out a warning if the file existed and was not writeable: (if file.exists() && !

Writable()) just before attempting to open the file, and I never saw the warning. Our initial attempt to upgrade to it hit some performance problems.

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The File System Object model does not provide random file creation or access methods.

I'll leave it to you to close out the issue if you are satisfied ;) Thanks for your help!

Colin 0.9.10 is out, it fixes some serious data corruption issue. Closing this since it can not be reproduced, and is most likely related to unreleased file locks on windows.

What is the relationship between the two posts of the file that you show?