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Interracial dating divorce rate

One could be imprisoned for mating outside of the White race. Supreme Court invalidated all state laws forbidding interracial marriage. Most states had Anti-Mtscegenation laws that tbrbade sexual relations between the races.

Prime examples are India, (where the Aryans interbred with the dark skinned Dravidians of the South), Egypt (where the Caucasian builders of the Pyramids inter-bred with their Nubian / Sudanese slaves) and Brazil, a nation far richer in natural resources than the U. Brazil's teeming, poverty wracked northern half has self destucted due to massive racial inter-breeding. They also recognized the inherent danger in the presence of a large Negro population in contact with Whites because it invariably leads to interracial sexual relations. They recognized the Negro African race to be an inferior race, child-like, capricious, impulsive and cruel, yet useful for manual labor under the constant direction of the White man. The obvious implication here is that the White female who chooses a non-White mate drastically increases her chances of exposure to the dread HIV-AIDS plague and the hideous death that inevitably follows. They are also many times more likely to be users of intravenous drugs than are Whites. This ban continued in the southern states until outlawed by a liberal Supreme Court on June 12, 1967.

The book, America's Greatest Problem, by the eminent Prof. Liberal ministers have had a very difficult time reconciling the Holy Bible with their crusade to promote inter-racial marriage.

Those few who dared voice support for such an abomination were generally regarded as depraved crackpots.

In order to better understand the debate on the desirability of inter-racial breeding, one should understand several terms totally censored from the English language today: To young people of the late 1990's, it seems Iconceivable that all of organized society once actively opposed the mating of Whites with non-Whites.

Our forefathers recognized the vast gulf which exists between the White and Black races in terms of equality.

Do they not have the right to mate with whomever they choose?

Quite frankly, the Bible demands Segregation of the different races.