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On June 10, the Alaska Marijuana Board made history by approving the state’s first commercial marijuana business licenses.

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How the fuck did I become good enough friends with Jonathan Hilstrand, Mike Fourtner et al, that they invited me and my friends to come hang out with them in Dutch Harbor and ride around on the Time Bandit during crab season?Yeah, yeah, and for me as a Native writer I rarely ever get to go to other Native communities. And so I made good friendships and also got to know these other people. I had an interview in the and they asked me how do you feel about getting out of Alaska, how do you feel about being Alaskan? I usually go where I have to go, or where I’m required to go to promote my books and do book tours or speak. So I came to IAIA when Jon asked me if I’d be interested in being involved I said Yeah, absolutely! by Zachariah Hughes in Alaska Public Media It’s a tricky time for commercial cannabis in Alaska.Stores around the state are beginning to open, but without enough product available to keep shelves stocked for more than a few hours.It’s a really good story…but I’m saving it for the next book. To the point: If you are in Anchorage feel free to come out and meet me, the entire Time Bandit crew, as well as Drew Curtis (who runs, and my friends Nils and Bunny.

When: Thursday January 6th, starting around 8pm and going to whenever Where: Chilkoot Charlies [2435 Spenard, Anchorage AK] Attending: Tucker Max, the crew of the Time Bandit, Drew Curtis, Nils Parker, and Bunny.

Bring your best Hawaiian attire and cum be a Schweddy Ho!

I met Joan Kane about two years ago at a conference where she was reading as part of her latest fellowship, The Native Arts and Cultures poetry series, on Santa Ana pueblo lands. But I think it’s an opportunity for a native, for me, to defy some stereotypes about native writers and landscape and nature writing. I have another manuscript for my publisher right now and I’m working on a novel.

I thought you meant like, literally, mountain goats! But Sherwin and Layli especially in terms of welcoming me, saying its okay for me to come do my poetry thing. I have a chapbook that I’m committed to for an organization called Voices From the American Land, and it’s about King Island, which is a place I went to last summer.

One of them lives in North Carolina; John Durniel was just shortlisted for the National Book Award. Layli Longsoldier’s work—the poet, and her as a person. Carolyn Forche, James Thomas Stevens, Sherwin Bitsui.

The state’s largest market, Anchorage, is seeing delays for businesses because of complicated zoning regulations.