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Reverse psychology in dating

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Sure enough, her son was hiding in a closet under some blankets and stuffed animals - unwisely sitting on a gun.Her body was talking to me more honestly than her words.

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Here was a behavior I would see time and time again in others.,” or my previous Psychology Today posts, know that when we are under stress, our brain requires a certain amount of hand to body touching (hand wringing, forehead rubbing, temple massaging, lip touching, etc.).These serve to soothe the individual when there is negative limbic arousal.” for the first time during that interview, she put her hand to her suprasternal notch (neck dimple) and said, “No, he’s not.” I noted her behavior, and we continued with other questions about her son’s acquaintances.After a few minutes I asked, “Is it possible that while you were at work, your son could have sneaked into the house?At that instant she immediately covered her neck with her hand.

I was surprised that her hand went to her neck and not towards the car.

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I asked her numerous questions about her son - she knew he was wanted - and she answered all of them without hesitation.

However, when I inquired, “Is your son in the house?

” For a third time, her hand went to her neck as she affirmed her earlier answers that he was not home.