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Walther ppk serial dating

I have studied the numerous variations of these guns and also analyzed large amounts of serial number data on them.

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My dear vintage pistol collector friends, I am posting this information for John Pearson (longtime Walther and vintage WW II era pistol collector).In the course of those conversations and exchanges many items related to Walther PP and PPK Wartime (WWII era) production procedures and expediencies arose so John decided to produce an article for the vintage collecting community, especially those interested in wartime Walther PP and PPK production relative to serial number sequencing and production priorities as it relates to these pistols.It is an interesting and informative and somewhat complicated article (based on forty years of collecting data by Mr.Anyway, I hope you enjoy this article and find it useful in understanding rather complicated production issues (at least to my simple mind this tends to be complicated to understand).John's sole purpose in producing this article is to further enlighten vintage pistol collectors and try to advance our understanding of some of these production issues and production changes that occurred during and before WWII. Pearson (he is the sole author) and I DID NOT contribute or do anything for him in that regard--I am ONLY facilitating its introduction to a group of what I think are interested vintage pistol collectors. Pearson, the world of Walther pistol production and vintage Walther pistol collecting (PP and PPK) is perhaps a little less mysterious and perhaps we are a little more enlightened as a result.I know Smith acquired Walther a little while back, but it was only when I really noticed the gun's serial number that it got me curious about it.

The right side of the slide says "Walther USA, LLC" and beneath that "Springfield, MA". I have never seen a serial number end in 3 letters, let alone three of the same letter.

Hopefully this will clear up some mis-information about these very collectable Walther pistols.

The Walther Company introduced the Model PP (Police Pistol) in 1929, and serial numbers started at 750001.

He no longer is a member of NAPCA and is not on the internet so I told him I would be happy to post this great information for him.

In the course of the last number of months I have been visiting and corresponding with Mr.

At this point in the discussion let me make the following observation about serial number assignments in the Walther Factory.