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Secrets online dating success

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Keep it short and sweet “I think the most important thing to remember in online dating — whether you’re creating your profile or sending an initial email to someone — is to keep your writing succinct and tidy.I don’t want to read five hundred words on why I should get to know a guy; A couple of smart, juicy details work much better.

I guess if you’re just looking for a good time, then having a list doesn’t matter as much, but if you’re looking for a sustainable relationship, you have ask yourself: What qualities are really important for the long run?I think the key to us finding each other was that I’d just completely rewritten my profile.Before this point, my profile was filled with the typical things: What I do for a living, what I like to do on dates, what books I’ve read recently — perfectly polite, charming stuff.I did all my searching based on those key attributes, and I’m now engaged to a guy I met online who meets all ten requirements on my list, including the last one, which was to adore me!” — Michelle Tennant, 35, Flat Rock, NC; met her fiancé online 2. What follows are the success strategies that people just like you used when looking for love online.

They have all achieved at least the one-year mark in the relationships they forged via the Internet.

Problem is, it looked like every other profile out there.

I realized that in order to find my soul mate, I needed to bare my soul a bit and be more emotional.

So I went back into my profile and instead of talking about what I did or liked, I explained why.

By listing the whys instead of the whats, one is more likely to craft a more unique profile which should attract people who are uniquely drawn to you.” — Steve Peha, 42, Carrboro, NC, met his wife online 4.

My current boyfriend’s initial email to me was not much more than a hundred words, but it was really thoughtful.