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As a harm reduction approach, BASICS motivates students to reduce risky behaviors, convey factual information regarding alcohol, and corrects common myths.Students leave the first meeting and are asked to take an accurate inventory of use during the following month.

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Each item on the contract will be directly related to the goals of the student (with counselor input) allowing for an individuated treatment experience.Upon completion of an individually tailored contract, the Back on TRAC program is organized in three phases.The first phase of the program focuses heavily on initial comprehensive intake assessment and transitioning to abstinence.Based upon the on-ine screening and assessment (Audit & Cudit), this is a brief treatment intervention for low risk individuals.The goal is to help students gain understanding of the knowns and unknowns about cannabis; how we got here today in CO.; the laws and policies, NORML and other guidelines for ‘responsible’ use; values and the role cannabis may play in support or counter to them; common questions, beliefs, myths and research to date.Cost: $125 Open to Change is a three-month program for mandated and voluntary students.

Although the program is abstinence-based and includes regular testing to monitor any substance use, the program’s design is to reduce the overall harm and negative consequences students have begun to experience that are directly linked to their substance use. The first goal is to allow students to take a “time out” or break from alcohol and other drug use.

The “next step” programs include Live Safe 101, Basics, or Canna Biz 101.

This is a one-time, two and a half hour session is open to both mandated and voluntary students and primarily focuses on Alcohol.

Cost: $95 BASICS is a preventive alcohol abuse intervention program for college students.

The program is designed to help students make better alcohol-use decisions.

The program emphasizes accountability and personal responsibility while providing on-campus treatment resources, case management, peer support, and individually tailored contracts.