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Kazunari dating

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This alleged confession of Nino's came out during a drinking party late last month.

kazunari dating-25

The couple met on 2005, filming the drama "Yasashii Jikan". Some rumors of people close to them, also come out every year, saying they have broke up and others saying they are still going on strong.The couple met on 2005, filming the drama "Yasashii Jikan".It is unknown if Ninomiya Kazunari has a girlfriend. But for over 6 years now, he has been romanticly linked to Nagasawa Masami.Is a well known fact that every year a story or two about them pops out in magazines and television.They chit-chatted about work and other nonsense for a bit and then the topic changed to romance - Nino's love life in particular. He's pretty much an indoor kind of guy so they spend their dates at home."Magician/Assistant roleplay!

Nagasawa Masami, the lead actress from Proposal Daisakusen and Arashi member Ninomiya Kazunari have been rumoured together since 2005 when they starred in Fuji TV's Yasashii Jikan.

This is the first reported relationship for both celebrities.

To avoid the inevitable publicity, they have kept their romance inside their homes.

According to the current issue of Japanese magazine 'Shukan Josei', at a recent gathering with friends from the entertainment circle, Nino was asked whether he was dating Masami.

At first he avoided the question, but later openly admitted to the relationship, saying it was 'stable'. According to the reports, he is very careful about protecting his private life.

Their onscreen romance was rumoured to have blossomed into real life.