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I’ve made the mistake of giving different names to four different chatters at once.

Since these are not real cam sites we also have a category for clone cam site reviews.It took our team of 4 people 9 months to gather this data.Comparison site: Home Webcam – simply compare the sites below with the original streamate site and you can tell which are copies! Learn more about this platform in our streamate reviews or visit the Bigger is not always better but also check out the most visited or most popular live sex websites as well as the top completely free adult save you time locating reviews we also have the full alphabetical reviews directory here.This page lists clone adult webcams sites by platform so users know if they are using an original adult cam site or not.

These videos chat sites are sometimes called white label sites as well.

The original 7 main adult sites are called platforms and they are: The list below of clone or fake cam sites is just a starting point of a massive list of sites that numbers some 30,000. We add more as we have time and we focus on those that are most popular so our information is useful to the most amount of people.

This website is the only place on the worldwide web where you can find this research.

Do not get us wrong, in these cases the service you get are the same.

However, it also or middle service that pushes up the costs for all over the long haul.

When you join streamate you can actually use any of the copy cat like sites under their platform which is about 400 of the site below.