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The Vitamin D Council says that most people typically make about 20,000 units of Vitamin D after 20 minutes of sun exposure, which is about 100 times more than the daily amount of Vitamin D the FDA says we need.

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Another walker's kilmarnock whisky with no x , but a #2624. One is a James B Beam bottle, the date on the bottom is 1948 and D-3 are also on the bottom along with a symbol that I have no idea what it is called it is 4/5 quart in size. Lorry ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: ROSS GUSCIGLIO To: [email protected]: bottes Date: I found a botte that says on it Dr. It has a stopper of cork with a glass top to the cork. jpg ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Granyberg To: [email protected]: Old Overholt Whiskey Bottle Date: Digger, I have an old Bottled in Bond Old Overholt Streight Rye Whiskey Bottle. Can you tell me how old it is and how much it is worth? Date: Dear Digger, I dug up an older Pepsi-Cola bottle in my yard today, and would like to find out the age of it. The wicker is in museum quality on a few broken pieces. Christine ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Scott Sampler To: [email protected]: w. The largest around 3" high and the smallest about 1". Some look like medicine bottles and others are perfume bottles with the names listed on the bottles.THANX, John from Mississippi ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: PATRICIA PLECAS To: [email protected]: Stitzel Weller Distillery bottle Date: We have a whiskey decanter, (whiskey all gone) that we were told had a value because a word was misspelled on the front design. Look on the web found little about thye botte wondering if it is worth anything thanks ross. Thankyou Ronald Scheel ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: TJAMS4 To: [email protected]: question Date: My mom has a "stitzel weller distillery whiskey bottle " it a 1969 cabin still collectors gallery piece the shape of the bottle is a hillbilly sitting on a stump. Thanks tim ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: holly mcfadden To: [email protected]: bottle question Date: i have a bottle that has chesebrough manfg. I just need a clue about how much they're worth i also found an brass ash try looking thing with an wom i wish i had pictures to show and i hope you get back to me soon on this i need your advice. thanx Larissa Pierce ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Mike To: [email protected]: Fink's Liniment Date: Hi, I bought a bottle of Fink's Liniment today and was curious as to it's value. 5 inches to the neck area and there are no marking on it. 5 inches tall, aqua green in color and the front in embossed FELLOWS & CO. He found them interesting so he picked them up and brought them home. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Amy De Flavis To: [email protected]: Saxlehner's Hunyadi Janos Bitterquelle Olive Green Date: Hi Digger- Found this bottle in the front yard of my 1910 home in Pennsylvania. By my math, if the whiskey was 15 years old before bottling, and stamp was 1953 and now the year 2004 , does that make it produced in 1938 and now age would be 66 years old. The ball is between 8-10" in diameter and has pictures of Victorian toys on it.10 inches tall, round half is gold bottom half white. Shamrocks and "The Wearin' O' the green, lepricon on mushroom (3) playing a harp. Thank you kay ] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Kayepicc To: [email protected]: Re: SCROLL FLASK Date: Attachments: EVMP0079. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Dave and Martha Wilborn To: [email protected]: Bottle Question Date: Hello. Any help would be appreciated like its value or anything else. Unfortunately the liniment has leaked out and stained the box. He has several more but we found these the most interesting. Date: The bottle I have is blue-green in color and is fully covered in wicker, including the bottom. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Kyle Murray _ To: [email protected]: rare glass Date: HI Digger, I hope you can help me out here. She would really like to know a little about this piece as she never found out where her mother obtained it. Thank you for your time, yours sincerely, Kyle Murray ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: BLAIR101203 To: [email protected]: Bottles Date: Hi Digger. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Lelia Elliott. To: [email protected]: sloan's liniment bottle Date: I found an old looking bottle and I am just wondering the age and value. I expect there are some old ones as well although I have never seen one I thought was particularly old. It is believe that this ship went down in the early 1900's but I'm not sure that this bottle could be that old. It is a glass bottle, small no bigger than a few inches long and about an inch wide. He could not find any information about an embossed S on the front of the bottle. I have an inkwell that was dug up in Chicago with the letter S embossed on the front. It says Ohio-Mother of Presidents and has pics of W. Thanks Phil ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Robert Barrons To: [email protected]: pepsi bottle Date: Hi, I was wondering if you might be able to tell me the value of an original Pepsi bottle. From: Sandhill To Digger Subject: N B Parker's liniment or Dickie's eye water Date: My husband's great-grandfather Noah S Parker ( age 15 in Alabama's 1850 census) was a well known herb doctor who formulated N B Parker's liniment and Dickie's Eye-water, which he sold to a pharmaceutical house. However any information you have would be very much appreciated. Thank You so much Christine ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Cramer, Thomas To: [email protected]: Followup. It has a ceramic stopper that closes with a wire pressure closure. Thank you, Laura ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: nomac 1 To: [email protected]: fed law forbids vs prohibits & little cobalt blue skull bottle Date: Mr Digger, Two subjects; #1 Is there a specific date when the verbage changed from federal law forbids to federal law prohibits, or was this left up the the bottling company? Buddy ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Carole Ruiz To: [email protected]: stoneware grape juice Date: Hi! Thank you Carole Ruiz ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: DEBRA WEISS To: [email protected]: Full bottle of Berliner Gilka=Kummel Date: Dear Sirs; I have a bottle of Berliner Gilka= Kummel 86 proof Still sealed and has last Three numbers of seal are as follows 942 and on other side has partical label with R. Smith ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Lynn Brunson To: [email protected]: old, empty Grolsch bottles Date: Digger, I have a question regarding an old Grolsch bottle that I found in my basement. But the question is which is more valuable the weaving or the yet to be revealed bottle. the bottle is 10" tall and a string around the fattest part of the bottle measures 14 1/2". ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: NLs Chldcr To: [email protected]: glass bottle question Date: I have a old glass bottle that says Twin Springs Bottling Works Kansas City MO. I just did a google search on these bottles & found his response & wondered if it was possible for you to refer me to him despite the time lapse. I have quite a few of the bigger Pluto water bottles and would like to share with my remaining family members. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Pam White To: [email protected]: found unusual bottles in Nova Scotia Date: Digger, My husband works in construction and they are currently working in the Halifax area of Nova Scotia. Buton has also extra old (25 and 35 year old) brandies marketed in very small quantities and specially designed bottles." ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Becky Ryll To: [email protected]: jim beam bottle Date: I have found a Jim beam bottle it is from the 1975 collectors edition volume 10 the seal has never bean broke it is white with a fish on it. do you by chance know if it is worth anything or not. They are commonly made in Spain, Portugal and Italy. Can you tell me when rubber caps went into production? It says Aged 12 Years on the packaging, and I want to find out how old it is now. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Cramer, Thomas To: [email protected]: Amber 7 Op Date: I purchased an Amber 7 "Op", Bubble Lady, I believe 7 oz. On one of the sides it says Linden on the other it says New Jersey. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Dawn Mc Partland To: [email protected]: Ink Bottle Question Date: I have asked this question before to another bottle expert but other than the two major ink companies of that era (Sanford or Stafford), he was unable to conclude. I acquired that original bottle with no chips and fully intact paper label back in the 1970s. Do you have idea idea what it might be worth these days? To: [email protected]: Date: I'm interested in finding an old Peychaud's bitters bottle. Thanks, Holly ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Marriner Smith To: [email protected]: N B Parker Date: Hello I have been doing family research and ran across the following question that Sarah Parker submitted to you. I do not have any other information and do not know the name of the pharmaceutical house. Sarah Parker Livingston Tx Noah B Parker was also my great-grandfather and I would be interested in the same information. Marriner Smith Mobile, Alabama ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: maierville To: [email protected]: hello from Nebraska Date: Found brown glass clorox bottle, narrow bottle opening, it, s a 16 0z bottle. I can't find it anywhere to get any information about it. amber seven op Date: The bottle is an amber 8 bubble, bubble lady, painted labeling, no paper label, not squat, regular 7 oz. I have a clear glass bottle with a wicker cover tightly woven around it with a leather carrying strap. Side view of bottle attached; I will send view of cap in separate email. Perley Fitch Laboratories in Concord, New Hampshire. If you can give me any information I'd appreciate it. #2 Also have you ever seen a small cobalt blue bottle blown or molded in the shape of a human skull. These may be stupid questions but I know nothing about bottles, just found a cache of 374 assorted ones in an old barn. I was wondering If there is any monetary value of the bottle still sealed and has liquid in it. Please e-mail me some good news thank you Matthew A. I can tell that there is raised glass under the beautifully woven cover that completely covers the entire bottle. I know the fact that it is a very nice piece of work crafted by the Modoc Indians while they were in Modoc County during the time of Captain Jack in itself makes it valuable. I never thought to recheck your site, for on 10/15/01 someone named "Jim" sent you an email stating that he knew alot about these bottles & if you would refer me to him, he would enlighten me. Pat ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Chris Cartier To: [email protected]: Norwich poison bottle Date: I have a amber colored 71/2 inch coffin shaped bottle W/ Norwich16A on the bottom I am looking for any and all information for this bottle to include the age rarity and value ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Casey Miller To: [email protected]: Pluto water bottles Date: My family is from French Lick, Indiana and we were raised hearing about Pluto Water.If you have any idea it's value or know someone who would appreciate it please contact me. This sounds, from the limited research I did, like a bottle from the 1940-1950s. Thank you, Nina Howard _Nn How_ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Lisa To: [email protected]: Date: Hello Digger, I would like info on this bottle if you have any to give, This is what is on the bottle -- Clevenger Bras Glass Works, Clayton, N. On the side that has the writing there is a bunch of grapes, on the other side there is an American Eagle sitting on a branch, as you look at the eagle, too the left is three arrows and too the right it looks like an olive branch. How old may this bottle be and is it worth anything? It is in pretty good condition, but the label is gone although there are some traces of it still being there. It has no chips or breaks, and looks like a metal stopper on top. Thanks Alot, maybe you will have more luck finding information then I did. amber seven op Date: I can't find anything like it on the internet! Most of the pottery falls apart when it is removed from the ground but most of the bottles are in great shape.

Lelia Your bottle being clear and having the ounces marked on the bottle suggest it is after World War I. Even with a cork top the bottles are very common and hundreds are known with full contents, label and box. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Bob Adalian To: [email protected]: LIQUOR BOTTLE Date: I HAVE A LIQUOR BOTTLE THAT WAS MADE IN CHINA. I'd need a picture and better description to give a more detailed answer. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Nn How To: [email protected]: Hi Date: Hi, I have some Hoffman Liqueur bottles from the 1970's. Some of them still have the booze in them and some don't. The bottle needed a cork for the top, and if you look at the bottle there is a lot of bubbles in the glass (maybe hand blown) We were told that the bottle came from the revolutionary war (I think it came from the 1800's. (Angela in Asheboro) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: J28an To: [email protected]: Thomas a Edison battery oil bottles Date: Hello. It is brown, with some kind of wire opener with a ceramic glass cork thing on top. Digger, will you please tell me how much it is worth? I am also curious about what the 3 crosses under the words symbolize. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Cramer, Thomas To: Digger [email protected]: RE: Followup. I am going for vacation and I will check your website out on my return. -----Original Message----- From: Digger [mail To:[email protected]] Sent: Saturday, June 26, 2004 AM To: Cramer, Thomas Subject: Re: Followup. We do not know if this area was a dump at one time or if these bottles were scattered here after the Halifax explosion.

The distillery employs both pot- and continuous stills and ages the distillates separately which are blended prior to bottling, Butons Vecchia Romagna Etichetta Nera (Black Label) is a blend of three year old pot and continuous still brandies, whereas Oro (Gold Label) contains seven year old components. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Doreen Davis To: [email protected]: leather decanter Date: Hello I have just required a leather decanter and know nothing about them it looks very cool brown with three sailing ships on the large part below and the stopper is wrapped in leather with the picture of the world there is a sticker underneath that says made in Italy where do I read more about this type of decanter could you tell me anything thank you very much Edward Perry I am not sure where you can find information about these leather covered bottles. The bottle has a rubber cap with a circle in the middle for what appears to be an insertion point for a syringe. I had little to no luck on finding out anything at all . I've been searching online and haven't had any luck finding this particular packaging to get an idea of what year it might have sold. It has a wolf's head on the bottom and it says on what I think is the front at the top Gordon's and at the bottom of the side it says RECP 610617. The original bottle that is was designed from had a diamond shaped paper label. The label is Armagnac Castagnon and on the front ' imported by John Reagan, London - 70o' From :- Bob Marwick no1shunterbtinternet ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: PGreenedoc. Thanks for any information you might have and for your time and effort to research. Terry ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Lindawebb52 To: [email protected]: bottle Date: I have a 1858 Hiram Walker75 Proof Blackberry Liqueur, Peoria, Illinois. Very light purple it has the trademark cockoo on it, and shows a picture of a cuckoo bird. Could you give me an estimate price and year on this bottle? Thank You, Lang Hansen ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: carol. To: [email protected]: Request for Info Date: Would like to know the value, please. I don't know anything about old bottles or anything but I did do a little research and found something on A. I would send a photo but there is no room for Attachments here. Thanks, Deborah Diamond ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Debsterdoo To: [email protected]: 1800's bottle that has Modoc Indian weaving Date: Hello Digger, Here is the dilemma, I have a bottle that is from the mid 1870s that has been in my family since that time. bottlebooks Digger ----- Original Message ----- From: "Cramer, Thomas" thcramerstate. us To: [email protected]: Wednesday, June 23, 2004 PM Subject: Followup. We were wondering want the monetary value would be Kathy quiltmaker5 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: PATRONHP To: [email protected]: Snowcrest bear bottles Date: Hi Digger, In 2000 I asked for information on Snowcrest bear bottles & you did not have any information at the time.

Thank you Yours sincerely Sally Among Italy's small distillers is "Buton famous for its Vecchia Romagna brands. these were widely used for a number of products mostly gin and mineral water and were imported from Europe. The form was widely used around the world, examples have been found in Africa, Australia, as well as here in this country. Digger On the bottle is Rhein Preusse with a circle above it with Rhein around an inside circle. I believe the bottle could help narrow down the timeframe of the sinking. Appears to be some light haze and no cracks or chips, or cracks. THANK YOU- CINDY ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Stephanie Hale To: [email protected]: Whiskey Value - Please Help Date: I found your website when I was attempting to research the value of a bottle of whiskey. Bottle Info: Old Grand-Dad Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey 100 Proof 1 Gallon Bottle Made: Fall of 1969 Bottled: Fall of 1975 Thanks, Steph ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Brad B To: [email protected]: Bottle of Chivas Regal Date: I have a bottle of Chivas Regal, and I'm trying to figure out what year this might have came out. The box is mostly silver and black, and the printing is raised, with pictures of guys on it that seem to portray Knights. I do not have the bottle in front of me at the moment. I am really interested in knowing the age, rarity, value, maker, and history please. -- Jeremy ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Springhill To: [email protected]: (no subject) Date: I found an old medicine bottle in a hayfield near my home. Thanks, Cindy ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Al Graham To: [email protected]: old coke question Date: Howdy. Those bottles are commonly seen in flea markets for $5-6. The rider, I think is Joan of Arc with fleur de leys on the horse blanket and lion rampant on the shield. clorox in like a stamped in diamond pattern than pat. On the front a Scot with a shield and sword, with the words Mc Callums Whisky all embossed on the front Have done the net thing but no luck. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: beary_01 To: [email protected]: purple bottle Date: hi digger, I found a purple bottle. On the base it has a B and a large round jagged circle around the B. It is chipped on the rim of the base and has a crack inside of the bottle (middle of glass) on the lip. Has some small bubbles inside of glass but the bottle has no scratches on it. The lip is a tooled sloping collar above beveled ring. The bottom of the bottle says it was China and serial number 186 and was done in 1953. I have a full one and and opened one, but dont know how much to ask for them to sell. zip ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: carol. On the bottom of the bottle is says Fitch and the name is surrounded by raised bumps in the glass. thank you kindly patsy ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Ljwaceto To: [email protected]: pharmacy bottle Date: I found a 3" bottle that says: William W. I have been contemplating selling it on e-bay but have no idea where to start the bidding, I do not want to sell it for $2. It is A 10 oz bottle with coca cola trade-mark label commemorative bottle on the front, and the Kroger insignia on the back stating 1883-1983 100th anniversary. amber seven "op" The bottle is an amber 8 bubble, bubble lady, painted labeling, no paper label, not squat, regular 7 oz. There are 8 in the set including George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Betsy Ross, John Hancock, Paul Revere, Ben Franklin, John Paul Jones, and Patrick Henry.

You can have your physician administer a 25-hydroxyvitamin test to determine if you have optimal levels of Vitamin D in your blood.

The Vitamin D Council considers optimum levels to be approximately 50 n M/L.

Personally I will not use a tanning bed or spend excessive amounts of time out in the sun due to fear of skin cancer.