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It is also one of the leading cities in the entire world.Alot of recent and new trends are set overseas and soon brought here to Sydney.

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Matilda The Musical arrives at Crown Theatre, Perth 28 February for a strictly limited season.A police officer was injured in the incident which caused a brief struggle between police and some of those attending the march.Officers used an extinguisher to put out a fire when another person allegedly tried to set a flag alight, and thick white smoke could be seen coming out of the crowd.Ms Tobin said she was thrilled with the response."I'm just overwhelmed with all the response and the love," she said.The crowd was told that while Australia Day was one of sorrow for many Aboriginal people, it was important to come together as a community.Ms Tobin said most people do not realise that they are not only familiar with Darug, but it is likely they had used words from the language."Everybody goes 'cooee', but you say 'cooee' because it means come here," she said."This is Australian, that's how we feel."It's to give back our own history as Australia."Other original Darug words commonly used are wallaby, boomerang, Bondi and Parramatta.

Ms Tobin said she was conflicted about the date of Australia Day.

There will be live music and food at the park, which is a gathering spot for the local Indigenous community.

About 50 people attended a march in Alice Springs, which was tied in with protests against the treatment of children at the Don Dale Detention Centre.

Those at the peaceful demonstration chanted "there's no pride in genocide" and called for January 26 to be a day of national mourning, not celebration.

Among the protestors was Kirra Voller, the sister of Dylan Voller, who was filmed restrained and hooded while in detention at Don Dale."I think it's time to change the date …

Indigenous elder Uncle Max Harrison said it was a great morning."I just hope that the public could understand and look at our cultural day within this day that they call Australia Day," he said.