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Who is carly foulkes dating

Reminds me of the original "I'm going to college in my pajamas" girl who was just all kinds of hot.And lastly thanks to the "commercials I hate" thread I now know the hotness that is the girl in the creepy brother and sister folgers commercial.

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Rachel is an actress and has filmed 6 commercials for RGX (only 4 have been aired on TV).Uh dude, Ethiopia, Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe (where a lot of coffee COMES FROM) might disagree with you.FWIW, West Africa (which incidentally is nowhere near any of the countries you listed) is notorious for being a coffee wasteland, dooming residents to endless cups of Nigerian instant coffee knock off "Nice Cafe" (Now with more sawdust! Even in coffee growing areas, the good stuff is send abroad for hard foreign currency, and people are left to pay up the nose for pricey good imported through the gnarled and horribly inefficient trade networks, cheap Chinese or Nigerian junk, or the subpar outputs of various state enterprises.If you do that in your family, fine, but it's weird to me. I don't know how much her googly eyes being made at the camera help that, though.IMO, not only one of the most beautiful girls currently in advertising, one of the most beautiful on TV period.T-Mobile today announced a new pricing structure that will let you break away from the bullying of other phone carriers and get an honest-to-goodness new i Phone5 for just $99 down, sans contract.

To promote its new brand positioning, the company released this Wild West-themed spot that notably does not feature Carly Foulkes, the "girl in pink" who has been its spokesperson and symbol, with a rose-colored cowboy hat -- which one renegade bravely jams onto his head as he leaves the bullying to others.

Now, maybe it happens in real life, but on TV, it's code for having a crush on someone.

And, yes, if my sister ever stared at me like that, no matter how long I'd been away, I'd be freaked out.

I think it's her resemblance to Anne Hathaway..long dark hair, big-brown eyes, cute smile...*swoon* Brothers and sisters typically don't stare at each other directly in the eyes while having a warm smile, standing there, not saying anything.

Now, maybe it happens in real life, but on TV, it's code for having a crush on someone. Brothers & sisters may do it after not having seen one another in a long time and missing one another. My baby sister reacted to my returning after a long absence that way, and trust me she has nothing resembling sexual designs on me.

I'm going with Katie Brown, the rock climber in the Citibank commercial.