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Emo dating for kids

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Scene Dating helps you meet like minded scene and emo people looking for relationships.

I love music unless it's chavvy and naff, can't stand Eminem (thank the Goddess that 2 of my boys seem to be leaning towards my music instead of all the crap in the... Enjoy shocking people with my slightly outrageous taste (mainly 1950s centred) I enjoy going to music events and entertaining my freinds, by entertaining I mean I cook and bake all day then me and my... The blonde, she drowns in the emo kids tears I wish my lawn was emo so it would cut itself. Roses are red Violets are blue I have schizophrenia Here's hoping you do too. Punk Rocker An old guy is sitting on a bus when a punk rocker gets on. If a blonde and an emo kid jump off a building, and hits the ground at the same time, who dies first? You quickly get social anxiety at the idea of hanging out with your non-emo friends. You're almost offended when someone asks you what "emo" means. You randomly cry while listening to your favorite My Chemical Romance album. Someone who is clearly NOT emo, claiming to BE emo makes you SO mad. Your nails have never been a color other than black. What do a jack-o-lantern and an emo have in common? Whats the difference between an emo kid and an onion?

What do you call an emo kid that doesn't believe in self mutilation?

Didn't you ever do anything wild when you were a young guy? " Emergency Room A nurse from England was on duty in the emergency department, when an unconscious punk rocker entered.

What do you call a punk rocker without a girlfriend? What do you call punk rockers who learn how to play their instruments? What do you call 100 emo kids at the bottom of the ocean? The punk rocker's mohawk is red, green, yellow and orange. When he sees the old man staring at him, the punk rocker says, "What's the matter old man? I thought maybe you were my kid." Library An Emo goes to the library and asks the librarian, "Excuse me, do you have any books on suicide? The librarian replies, "Well, we used to, but you idiots never bring them back!

The horror you feel when your mom buys a pink (AKA NOT BLACK) sweater.

You get irrationally angry when your favorite band becomes ~mainstream~.

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