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Marriage dating sites in poland men

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So, if people wanted to celebrate birthdays or have a good time together they organized a party in private apartments.The variety of alcohols was limited to vodka or beer for instant buzz.

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The rule was that any financial charges for movie or eventual ice-cream were covered by a boyfriend.According to the study [2] in 1960: 60% of Poles expected woman to start sex life only after the marriage, while only 34% of Poles expected men to do the same.In 1998 the views became more relaxed: only about 26% of Poles wants a girl to remain a virgin, while 22% want boys to wait until marriage.The marriage can be sometimes "helped" by family members, but never in any official way.According to recently done studies (2010) among people in Poland [2] "".Still, a concept of virginity, especially for a girl is considered a virtue that should be kept for somebody special.

The marrying age, especially among educated people is climbing up for the last 50 years.

Fancy restaurants were really expensive and available mainly for special occasions.

Much less fancy restaurants or rather bars, located near the railway stations, or somewhere at the cross roads served people who were away from home and needed to eat food rather than having a good time.

Flowers and elaborate flower bouquets are present in relationships, during wedding, funerals, birthdays and main holidays.

In relationship flowers express that you really care for another person.

In 80s there was a pressure, especially a girl to get married by 25 years old, now the couples are permitted to be in informal relationships longer without social pressure.