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Capital backdating

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The space has been one of the hot picks of investors.Recent deals in this space: The six month old matchmaking startup,, raised $100K from a group of angels in its seed round from Anand Vijay of Microsoft, Shashank Mehrotra of Bigrock, among others.

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You don’t have to pay tax if your total taxable gains are under your Capital Gains Tax allowance. If you’re not registered for Self Assessment you don’t need to do anything.Do you have information for an investigative story?If you know details about insider trading, securities fraud, corporate wrongdoing, consumer or travel scams or similar issues, tell us. When ANB Bank of Arkansas failed last year, it was easy to blame executives whose pursuit of high-adrenaline growth led to the bank's demise.for HB whilst you were waiting on this back-payment (lets say jan-june) your hb was based on your income at that time so you were given more hb towards your applicable amount for 6 months,meaning you paid less rent. Re HB, I called concerning a current application and current savings - the vast majority of which are back payment (of the three people I spoke to at the HB office, only one was aware of the disregard of backdated pip and esa as savings for my current application, hence my serious concern).now you have been awarded backpay for that 6 months (jan-june) you have been given money for those weeks which has increased your income for that time, so the housing want it back. So, I can safely consider backdated esa and pip as disregarded as savings - but I should still tell esa and HB the total savings I have (which are now altered from when I applied for esa, as this was seven months ago and I've received back payment) even though back payment for pip and esa are disregarded for 52 weeks?Hi, Please could anyone tell me if backdated ESA is treated in the same manner as backdated PIP?

I am aware backdated PIP is not counted as capital for 52 weeks, but is this the same for ESA, or is it treated differently?

But now other key culprits have emerged in ANB's collapse: the government officials who were supposed to be policing the bank..

(FDIC) have both issued reports saying that bank failures surged because regulators in some cases didn't step in and prevent hazardous behavior, and in others actively helped banks hide their growing problems.

Ltd, the company behind the online dating portal, Truly Madly.

Truly Madly founded in August 2014, Truly Madly serves as platform enabling singles find their match.

The app claims to be growing its user base 100% month-on-month with the 35% of the users being women.