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Dating a thai lady

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By: Guest Blogger Marc Lewis What’s more attractive than a woman on a bike? Where can you meet a woman(…) More How To Drive In Thailand And Get Around Safely.So you are going to be driving around Bangkok and you don’t want to get lost. You may have somebody local along for the ride but that doesn’t mean they’re good with directions.

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This one deals with what to wear on your feet to impress your lady. The message is you care about yourself and how you present to other people.Ask Yourself What Kind Of(…) More A Thai Wife Definitely Makes The World’s Best Partner.There are a number of reasons why it is true that a Thai girl makes the best partner you can imagine.Thai women are beautiful in so many ways but today’s blog will focus on reason number eight; Their hair.What is it about a Thai(…) More Fitness In Thailand – Part 3 By: Guest Blogger Marc Lewis Your Thai girl will be very impressed if you regularly do fitness in Thailand.Dressing your head,(…) More Follow this Head to Toe Fashion Tips To Look Good For Your Chosen One – THE LEGS Should you worry about fashion tips and dressing well for your crush? Any(…) More Follow These Head To Toe Fashion Tips To Look Good For Your Lady Will your lady love what you’re wearing and appreciate following my fashion tips? In part one we talked about what head items you could wear to impress your crush.

In this edition(…) More Follow These Head To Toe Fashion Tips To Look Good For Your Lady Chances are your lady will never mention how well you’re dressed until you’re well into your relationship.

Don’t get me wrong, Thai women are more focused on what’s in your heart than what your body looks like.

That being said, don’t you think(…) More Where To Go For Fitness In Thailand – Part One By: Guest Blogger Marc Lewis Any woman would like to have a man who stays in shape, right?

Your girl will try to avoid contentious discussions at all costs. But that doesn’t mean she isn’t thinking about the way(…) More A Commuter Van Is A Kind Of Bus in Thailand.

Although they are actually vans they stop at the bus stops along their route until they are full and then they fly to their destination at top speed.

I said a Thai wife would leave the final decisions to you but she would, of course, already have a very good idea what you will decide.