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Wow armory eu not updating

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Over the past few months we’ve been working with our partners and fansites to help them migrate away from using Wo, and on August 2 we will decommission it, as well as the Wo WArmory Facebook application.

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Our current raid team consists of those faces who are now part of the furniture and the new faces who have joined us along the way. What I am doing now is taking the player information and using it on finding all the alts of the person applying to my raid, and cross checking that information onto armory and making sure that one of the characters has the sufficient experience required.I relise u can't do everything for me, but I would be very grateful if u could add a wow progress check option into this program so if there armory doesnt list the information i want, I can more easily check them on wow progress. If you already have Stylish, make sure this site is allowed to run Java Script.Armory was created by a group of friends during WOTLK, a guild made of both social and raiding members.This was the core of Blizzard's Before Cataclysm, the Armory was in Beta, and as such had quite a few problems with errors and the speed of the site in general.

With Patch 4.0.1, many mechanics of World of Warcraft were changed but are not yet reflected in the Armory.

3.9) - Updated TOC to support patch 7.0.3 - gentoomaniac corrected issue with LFG (thanks) 3.8) - Updated TOC to support patch 6.2.0 3.7) - Armory Quicklink can now whisper leaders in the Premade Group Finder as well obtain their armory link without the need to apply first.

3.6) - Updated Korea Support 3.5) - Updated TOC to support patch 6.1.0 3.4) - Lib Realm Info Update.

As far as I understand it, that's actually a security feature, because otherwise you could send any ingame data (e.g.

the friend list, chat a.s.o.) to anywhere you want.

The Armory was a searchable database of information for World of Warcraft.