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Sending girls flowers dating

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versus a plant which can grow like your love or your relationship (barf)?

I'm on the fence about this because she said her boss doesn't like her and don't want to get her in trouble. With Valentines Day right around the corner I have been contemplating sending flowers to some at work.You might want to mix in some balloons, too, if she likes balloons, that is.If she works in an office, be sure that you have them sent via a reputable florist (and not self-deliver some store-bought bouquet) - as the show at work in front of her colleagues is just as important the flowers. Oh - if you don't have a girlfriend on Valentine's Day then please read this other article here entitled, What to Do on Valentine's Day when you Don't Have a Date. Send her flowers when you have misbehaved, and need help emerging from the doghouse. You could also send something sweet IN ADDITION TO or INSTEAD OF Flowers such as a flower / chocolate-covered berry combination ... All of the same rules and reasons outlined here apply to this type of gift - which are considered to be gourmet Valentine's Day type gifts.4. One of my old buddies used to send two or three dozen red roses to his girlfriend ... especially because she thought it was weird (because he was unemployed at the time). I know I am repeating myself with that phrase but I'm really trying to prevent some subset of you out there from doing something excessive and unnecessary. Maybe a dozen if you are sending roses, or maybe something similar in size if you are sending something else (like balloons). You also need to consider where you purchase the flowers from.Come to think of it....anybody single and feeling sorry for themselves around V-tines day.I do miss the office environment around valentines day. Proudly displayed her flowers and goes out of her way to let you know who they are from.2.I'm on the fence about this because she said her boss doesn't like her and don't want to get her in trouble. If you are not in any kind of a professional relation with her, don't send her flowers to work.

Private stuff sent to work may be frowned upon, especially if her boss doesn't like her all that much already. If she has a desk or cubicle or other personal space that is her own to do with as she wishes, then I'd go ahead and send them.

Ok so I've been seeing this girl over the past few weeks. Since then, we have hung out several times, but it was with her friends. I'm slightly confused about our "status".kisses me every time she sees me (actually kisses me goodbye), but still.

If the second date goes well, is it too soon to make it exclusive?

And also, and my main question, is it appropriate to send her flowers at her workplace next week after our date?

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or if she just says "thanks", and starts talking about something else then you know the roses made a minimal impact on her. one of my female friends would rather receive a plant than flowers ...