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Online dating causing divorce rates to rise

online dating causing divorce rates to rise-68

According to many articles and at least one Weibo commenter, the inadvertent result has been that people now divorce so they can have one name removed from their first apartment and buy a second one tax free.

Conclusion * To sum up, the rising divorce rate has many causes, and it is possible that it can sound normal to a certain type of people.Let’s not forget that only a few years ago QQ was doing the same thing.” Many other professionals share this sentiment and in an article on Xinhua’s English language site, several echoed the idea that social media is simply a tool that can be used to undermine an already fragile marriage.Given the widespread use of social media in China, it is more telling to consider divorce rates by region and age group.These happen where the parents take the lead in managing their children’s divorce proceedings, even arguing with each other over their grandchildren’s custody and the separation of their children’s assets.It seems clear that given the rapid changes in Chinese society and the accompanying rise in its divorce rate, there is no single identifiable answer.People in general rush things and in some cases are carried away by fairy tales meaning that their motive or I could say their decision is not calculated right, and when this case happens after a while of living together you start feeling that you made the wrong decision because you did not take your time to make sure that he or she is your appropriate partner.

In most cases people consider the temporary fun and excitement and neglect the serious stuff justifying that by saying ‘never mind’ or ‘no worries I have plenty of time to change things', and then they get surprised and feel the regret of their choices.

Some experts believe that because these cities have attracted so many migrant workers, the traditional family pressure to remain married may be much weaker.

Others, such as Peng Xiahui, a sexology professor at the Central China Normal University, argue that the higher divorce rates in cities represent progress.

Along with such a rapid rise in divorce has come a wave of explanations seeking to pinpoint its causes, some more valid than the others.

Soon after the government released its numbers, the media began to paint social media, particularly chat apps like Wechat and Momo, as the chief culprit.

One of the big issues rising in our social life is the frequency of couples asking for divorce.