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Who is adam kaufman dating now

”I went into this party wondering what kind of guys I’d be attracted to just on the basis of pheromone smell.

The bags are placed on a table in the party area in the courtyard out back, where guests can leisurely (or voraciously, as was sometimes the case) sniff shirts in between trips to the bar for an absinthe cocktail.Without being preconditioned for brand recognition, I’d be able to go only on what my senses were telling me.For instance, maybe my ancestors were immune to the black plague.Those were the instructions for attending the pheromone party at the Silent Movie Theatre in Hollywood — part singles soirée, part science experiment, part hipster cornucopia.Here’s how it works: Participants imprint their odor on cotton T-shirts and then bring them to the party.To be fair, the guy hadn’t followed the rules at all.

I’d bought it four days earlier at Fashion for Eva on Sunset Boulevard, slept in it for three nights in a row, and stored it in a Ziploc bag in my freezer during the day.

When you spot the man or woman of your dreams holding up your T-shirt and smiling for the camera, you can find them in the crowd and strike up a conversation.

Judith Prays, the 25-year-old filmmaker and rapper who launched the first pheromone party in New York City, conceived of the event as a new twist on speed dating, with pop science thrown in.

The law of numbers says I should have had better luck with all those dudes milling around.

My flirt mechanism only has one setting: Forward.“Don’t encourage me!

The black-haired woman noted, “But you can tell which guys cook.