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Updating family tree worksheets

I think many other people interpreted the FAQ the same way, judging by comments on the Ancestry blog and message boards.An email dated 4 March 2016 from Mac Kiev confirmed my belief; it stated, “Users of FTM 2014 and Mac 3: Hang in there! They will be available in about a week or so through the built-in update feature.

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In a separate message, Jack stated, “About to send out an updated Mac beta.Jack pointed out that updating FTM and getting it back on sale after only a 45-day hiatus was quite a feat.That they were able to put out an updated version for both Mac and Windows in only a month is a quick turnaround for a software brand acquisition.We found some things we thought should be fixed before shipping the updates.Reported by users and missed by our tester’s (and beta testers). Mostly things that were there forever but one bug we introduced ourselves when fixing something else.” And the Mac Kiev support page states, “The free updater has not been released yet., the website where English Language teachers exchange resources: worksheets, lesson plans, activities, etc.

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We still have fixes to make on it based on what those who have purchased it as upgrades have told us. And know that we’re working hard to make the new versions everything they should be for you.

Everyone who has signed up for the Family Tree Maker mailing list will get an email the moment it’s available.” The Mac Store app is a special case.

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Jack stated that, if people believe the update might fix an issue they’re having with FTM, all they have to do is ask for it.