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Dating an investment banker anonymous

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But those with prior experience always get first shot, so be sure to get an internship.Industry expertise and prior corporate finance work can also be a way in, but you'll have to be patient.

Use your school's alumni network Linked In connections, and your neighbors and acquaintances to get in touch with someone at the I-bank of your choice.Overview Big bucks and long hours are the hallmarks of the investment banking industry.After all, keeping on top of the world's financial markets can be an almost 24/7 job, especially in a down economy.If you're a good student who is truly interested, you've got a shot.If you have an MBA or other advanced business certification, you'll be paid more for a position than someone with a BA.The action and players in investment banking are still centered around Wall Street and midtown Manhattan in New York City along with a few other money centers around the world, such as San Francisco, London, and Tokyo, but the list of players is getting smaller as the industry consolidates and firms fall to today's struggling economy.

Today, leading banks include Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Citigroup, Credit Suisse, and JPMorgan Chase.

If your degree isn't in business, take heart in the knowledge that banks are increasingly encouraging applications from candidates with specialized resumes in order to better appeal to a growing client base.

Job Outlook Undergrads and MBAs from top schools are recruited for a number of openings that is small even in the best of times-so you can imagine what the meltdown of a number of banks on Wall Street means for those seeking a banking gig.

These and other firms are regular visitors to campus career centers-though recruitment has slowed (and layoffs have increased) considerably because of the recession that began in 2008.

What You'll Do The intensely competitive, action-oriented, profit-hungry world of investment banking can seem like a larger-than-life place where deals are done and fortunes are made.

It's important to discern the type of bank for which you are best suited, so conduct your own independent research.