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Did nelly ashanti start dating

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Her mother, Tina Douglas, is a former dance teacher, and her father, Ken-Kaide Thomas Douglas, is a former singer.

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She put college pursuits aside when Epic Records approached her with a contract in 1998.She also appeared in a number of big-name music videos, in addition to other dance work. After being impressed by her singing ability, Diddy had her sign to a development deal.Ashanti got her first taste of acting as a child extra in Spike Lee's Malcolm X (1992) and in Who's the Man? She was also one of the students in the 3-2-1 Contact Extra, What Kids Want To Know About Sex and Growing Up. Initially, she went to Bad Boy Records and sang one of Mary J. In the end, due to a bad contract, Ashanti did not sign with Diddy.However, the label's management changes quickly made Ashanti a low priority.She continued to perform at local New York clubs and began hanging out at the Murder Inc. Ashanti initially asked him to produce a few demo songs for her to record so she could say she had some strong tracks by the big time producer but Gotti had a different idea.Growing up, Ashanti took dance lessons and joined the church choir.

Ashanti went to Bernice Johnson Cultural Arts Center, where she studied different dance styles, including tap, jazz, ballet, African, modern, and hip hop.

Her military father was stationed there when he met her mother, and the family later moved to Texas.

Heckard herself was in the military for nine years — four of which were active duty.

The family could not afford to go to a studio and record a formal demo, so when labels called, Ashanti would have to sing 'I'm a little teapot' in front of the record company executives.

While attending high school, she began to write songs.

However, Nelly supposedly broke up with Ashanti earlier this month after finding out that she had allegedly had an affair with producer Chink Santana in 2005.