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This is a safe place for you to submit stories and ask questions about My Girl Fund. This isn't a blog to help you become successful, to avoid termination, any of that. Constantly tried to get me to dirty chat with him for free. He posted a MGF contest asking women to send him stories about how they were raped and molested as little girls. Stopped chating after I told him MGF is a pay site and told him I do not do free dirty chat. Skulls- Asked a model about where in her country she lived. Desertknight- Got a model UNVERIFIED for HIM breaking the rules of the site. Models block the following Men: MGF MEN YOU SHOULD BLOCK - MASTERPOSTMGF masterpost of scammers, freeloaders, time wasters, and jerks.1. Zerstoyer- Attempted to get a model to watch him jerk off on cam for free. Tried to scam a model by getting her to do a skype show and paying her by paypal (paypal does chargebacks frequently from men paying for cam shows because no adult sex worker related things can be used by paypal).5. His original status on the site was stating he was going to delete his MGF account October 10th. Tried to scam another model by claiming he sent her a contribution and wanted videos in return. He will send you nude photos, and photos of him in womens panties.12. He has come out telling several models he has jerked off to their public profile photos.

He intentionally will try to upset you because he is seeking free “humiliation” and attention. Sko ski- Sent a model his YOUTUBE username to get her to chat with him offsite for free.

It’s real and it’s live; talk with the people on webcam and control what happens next.

I've either used or reviewed each of these STD dating sites myself to see what they're about, to make sure they're actually free, and have ranked them in order of my favorite to least favorable.

You can make friends, use it to find marriage, matrimony, shadi, Islamic marriage (Muslim nikah) or simply to meet singles for dating.

Freaky is waiting for you to free chat and adult videos at Ezsexchat.

Tell about your experiences, warn girls about men that have hurt you, give us suggestions on what we can do to make the site a safer place for us. Our blog is dedicated to steering girls away from that website, not helping them earn more money.