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France has a two step approach when it comes to adopting European legislation as we described here.But now France has published a decree requiring all public sector organisations to use paperless billing and processing by ultimo 2020.

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“The pharmacies have done a good job stepping forward,” Whittemore said.Whittemore likened this to how individuals use an ATM machine.The card is something the individual owns, and the PIN is what the individual knows.Would it be similar to what happened in Costa Rica?IT service providers are awaiting the launch of the new government project and the potential contracts it will offer.He also highlighted research from the US Department of Justice that found e-prescribing could result in an annualized cost savings potential of $700 million.

Plus, EPCS can reduce the number of callbacks between pharmacies and prescribers and can remove the need to store paper prescriptions.

· Achieve network certification, which involves the network and the pharmacy vendor working together.

· Undergo a third-party audit to ensure compliance so that pharmacy software applications meet DEA requirements for recording, receiving, and storing e-prescriptions for controlled substances.

“We still find that many doctors and pharmacists are not aware of the fact that EPCS is legal, probably moreso on the physician side than the pharmacy side,” Whittemore noted.

He also spoke about networks, such as Surescripts, that enable pharmacy and prescriber applications of EPCS, provide standards for implementation, and connect pharmacy and prescriber software through a “trusted national health information network.” Whittemore outlined several EPCS readiness steps for pharmacies: · Upgrade the software system so that it can receive and archive electronic prescriptions.

In his presentation, Whittemore reviewed some of the challenges that paper prescriptions for controlled substances pose, such as fraudulent prescription pad forgery.