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Getting your ex back when she is dating someone else

getting your ex back when she is dating someone else-66

She'll begin wondering if and why you don't care anymore, and it'll put a dent in her ego too.This is all good - you want to get your ex's imagination flowing because she won't have any idea of what you're up to.

Although she may be dating another guy, you should never give up hope.Saying anything bad about her new boyfriend will send your ex running for the hills: she'll want to protect her new romance and she'll chalk you up as jealous and desperate.Instead, let her know you're happy for her and wish her well. This will put your ex in the position of being pleasantly surprised, while at the same time being a little bit hurt that you're not trying to fight for her.You exgirlfriend might say she wants to see you find someone new, she'll tell you she wants to see you happy...but in reality she wants you to still need her, and hang around waiting for her. We all want things we can't have, especially when we already have something else.Keep conversation casual, and steer clear of two subjects: your break up and her boyfriend.

Only once she mentions him can you talk about him, and even if she begins complaining you can't say a single bad thing.

It's every guy's worst nightmare: your exgirlfriend starts dating another guy before you have a chance to fix your break up.

If you still love your ex and want to fix your relationship, getting past this hurdle is a big step on the path to reconciliation.

If you can make your ex comfortable in talking to you again, she's going to begin using you as a sounding board for all her bigger decisions. Over time she'll talk about her boyfriend and what kind of issues she might have with him. You're gaining valuable information you might be able to use later on, when you're trying to get back together again. There are few things more attractive to a girl than having a life all your own.

Be there for your ex whenever she wants to talk, but don't press her... As you're out with friends having a great time, your ex will begin to get jealous of your freedom.

One of the first things that will happen after your ex gets a new boyfriend is she'll be looking to see your reaction.