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I had a labor-intensive teaching job and I attend to them and took each of them to therapy several days a week after school. Besides, contrary to what some people would say later, I was the ONLY one who came forward.

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I loved my nieces very much and by now my daughter was 20 years old. These kids had had it very rough, and I wanted to be there for them.I felt she was not the best influence on them though she was still young herself, only in her early 20's.I took my nieces for a trip out of town for Christmas.I wish she would forgive me...only she would talk to me I would beg her forgiveness for hurting her..this, is, indeed what it was.I don't know because I have asked to talk with her and I have told her I just want to listen. My daughter moved out with her new boyfriend whom, I believe, does not love her as much as she loves him.Even before I remarried, she had rose buds in her cheeks again, looked better, ate better, seemed happier.

Several years later, when my mom died, I took in my other sister's 3 girls because my sister was a serious alcoholic and unable to care for them.

I didn't even know he was into that---he had me fooled. Anyway, my daughter got kicked out of their apartment and came to me begging to move back in to my home. A creepy new principal came in who didn't like me and made my life miserable. It wasn't their fault their mother was a drunk and the only person they ever could depend on had died on them.

I told her truthfully that being that she had been so disrespectful to me during her teen years and that we hadn't gotten along very well, I just could not handle any more stress in my life and I did not think it good she move back home. My heart went out to them and I wanted to do all I could to give them a safe, dependable, loving life.

But I do remember the trip and I do not remember having any feelings of ill intent toward her, only that I felt it was better for everyone if she did not come along.

That may have been my biggest mistake in contributing to her hating me now.

I started having financial problems trying to raise them on a teacher's salary.