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Who is kendall schmidt dating 2016

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He is the star of Nickelodeon's hit live-action show, Big Time Rush, as Kendall Knight, a 17 year old hockey player from Minnesota.He has played small roles on different TV shows such as ER, Without a Trace, and Fraiser.

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When he was 10 years old, he was one of three young actors who was hired to be Haley Joel Osment's stand-in and body double (they shared the same agent) in the Steven Spielberg film, A. In mid 2009 Schmidt was cast in the Nickelodeon series Big Time Rush as one of the four main characters, Kendall Knight.The scene is pretty much what all of us would rather be doing.Sofia Reyes on the Power of the Bilingual Millennial Diva The breezy, bilingual pop record with an R&B flair was written and produced by Romanian singer/songwriter Smiley, Nuyorican Edwin ‘Lil’ Eddie’ Serrano (whose credits include Usher and Janet Jackson), and Reyes, who hails from Mexico and is the first artist signed to Prince Royce’s label D’Leon Records in collaboration with Warner Music.It's funny because Kansas, Kent, Kathy, Kendall, Kenneth, and Kevin all start with a K, and he revealed he shares the same middle name with his grandmother.He also has four tattoos, two on his back, on his left arm, and the other on his right arm.Schmidt won the role of Kendall Knight over many other people because of the difficult decision of casting him over others. and Logan Henderson sent in their audition tapes and were accepted over thousands of other boys.

James Maslow sent in his audition tape when his desire was in singing and acting. The boys have recorded many songs including the theme song of the same title as the show, "Any Kind Of Guy", "City Is Ours", "Halfway There", "Famous", "Shot in the Dark", and "Stuck".

Additional songs will be released throughout the show's first season.

They and Nickelodeon are planning on releasing a compilation album of all the songs that are in the first season of the show. When Schmidt was younger, he and his mother spent about six months out of every year in California.

You'll never guess who Kendall Schmidt just ran into.

It's his partner-in-crime from Big Time Rush's TV show, Ciara Bravo!

Schmidt is represented by AKA Talent and Protege Entertainment.