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Popularity of dating websites

Are people flocking to dating apps because we have become addicted to mobile technology?

Speed Dater offers its members two services: the first is an online speed dating opportunity, in which members can chat in 3 minute online dates. There was a lot of judgment and confusion around the process, who joined, and what results it would yield. According to a 2013 report from Pew Research, one in ten Americans have used an online dating site or app.And among singles looking for partners, that number is even higher, with 38% having used dating sites or apps.That might not seem much time, but it’s a big increase in such a...Date Switch offers its members a “fun, low pressure, no strings” dating experience in the US.It seems that dating apps have become a popular way to meet other singles, especially for people under 30.

Gone is the stigma of looking desperate, or worrying about whether you’ll find “the one.” It seems instead people are opting for something that is simple to set up, simple to use, and completely accessible – scrolling through profiles and photos while you are in line at the drugstore, waiting for your friends at the bar, or bored with nothing better to do on Sunday afternoon.

It can be hard to meet someone special, especially if you’re short on time or are a little shy.

That’s why 8 Minute Dating hopes to introduce you to at least 8 new people, each of whom you get to know during a short one-on-one date.

Perhaps it’s that meeting people through dating apps feels more like a game than something to take seriously, so it takes all the pressure off of participants?

According to a recent article in , it could be all of these things.

It can be difficult when 40 and single to mix in new circles and not having attended...