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I told you in the last blog post that I was going to Game City to release and show the game. I'm also going to the Moz Fest festival, which happens to be held in London right after the Game City festival.So if you want to meet me there, you can :) I promise I will make another blog post soon ;) In the meantime, here's a cute shark waiting for you to slay him!

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I know some of you would like to start writing quests. With love, candies, and a lot of relief because the game is out and people seem to love it, aniwey Hi everyone! And as usual, if you have any comment or suggestion (or you found a bug! Anyone with some programming knowledge will be able to write a quest, and if it is original enough I will add it to the game so that everyone can play to it.With love, and a new project coming up, hoping to surprise you all once again, aniwey Hey! The Arena (accessible to players who finished the game) is opened, and players can begin to write their own quests. I also created a forum to discuss about the game, make suggestions, report bugs, and discuss the Arena quests. ), people seem to like this one even more than the previous Candy Box. Meeting players for real was incredible :) I will start emailing volunteers about the translations soon.Finally, two languages were added to the game, Chinese and Dutch, and about 20 other translations are on their way :) With love, candies, waiting for your lovely quests, aniwey Hey! I received a lot of translation propositions, so the game should be translated to a lot of languages! In the past few days, I added even more objects to the game, I polished the end-game a little bit, I fought with CSS-related bugs only occurring in Chrome, and I didn't sleep very much!Yes, you will be able to wear its crown :-) /\ |\/\_/\/| : : /\ | . | | | //\\ _.-'¯¯¯¯¯¯¯'-._ | | \\// /¯ ¯\ | | XX / ._ _.\ | | || | /-_' '_-\ | | | || | \_/ \_/ | | | || | | |/\| || \ WWWWWWW / |||| || \ / ()=TT=() (¯¯¯\ | _ | /¯¯¯) TT\ \ / / / / / \ \ \ \ \ / /TT || \ \/ / / / / \ \ \ \ \/ / || || \__/ / / ( ) \ \ \__/ (oo) || ( ( ( ( ) ) ) ) || ( ( ( ( ) ) ) ) || ( ( ( ( ) ) ) ) || (o(o(o( )o)o)o) Hey!No, I won't make a Candy Box 3, because it wouldn't be very surprising, and I want to keep surprising you all ;) I'm currently thinking about a new video game, but I haven't started working on it yet. I aim to make a game that will focus on the dialogue between the developer and the player.

It's still a bit abstract, but that's because I don't already know exactly where I'm heading, which is quite exciting, I must say.

I was actually quite busy with my studies and my personal life.

About Candy Box 2 arena, I didn't receive any good quest to include to it, mainly because of the language I choose for Candy Box 2, I think (which is not really widely used...).

So here's the question : would you be interested in a wiki to share your experiences?

If you want to contact me for any advice, question, or anything else, here's my email : [email protected] I'm leaving you with a sentence picked from Candy Box 2 which gives you an idea of the kind of surprises there will be in the game : "You stumble upon a naked monkey wizard".

Since the dates corresponded to what I was planning for the game's release, I decided to release Candy Box 2 for the festival.