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"On the pathway to success, having the right connections cannot be overestimated. For instance, the latest 32 GB Apple i Phone can be purchased in the United States for under USD 300. The Thai phone, on the other hand, does not obligate you to sign up for a plan, and if you do, plans are available, month-to-month, for less than USD 20 per month, from Pre-paid cellular phone usage is very, very common in Thailand in a country where a basic cellular phone model can be purchased for as little as USD 22 and a SIM card for USD 1.50 to 5.00.In Thailand, like everywhere else, connections are king, the right hookups paramount. In the UK and Australia, the phones are 'free.' In Thailand, a new one will cost USD 900. What's more, you don't (as in the US) require a special type of pre-paid phone.

Some argue we are no better than dogs, cat, or elephants. As discussed here, Thailand broadly has three different economic segments.Expiration of credit isn't as dire as it sounds.Let's say your phone indicates your credit will expire on June 1 unless you recharge, extending the expiration date until June 8.A contract plan winds up cheaper per minute for those using their phones a lot or for business.The poorer Thais aren't using their phones as a dictation device or for business.In other words, you'll have no pressing expiration date on the horizon.

This fact alone can make prepaid seem very attractive to those who aren't constantly on the phone blabbering to all their buds, acquaintances, and endless dating possibilities.

Once the credit is recharged, any unused credit from before becomes usable again.

It'd be nice if the initial expiration dates were 6 months into the future, the way it works in Indonesia. Thailand never has a lot of dead numbers floating around, and numbers that expire get recycled back into the pool of available numbers.

There are more mobile numbers in circulation than the population of Thailand itself.

The middle-class and hi-so segments are likely to be on some kind of contract plan.

Every instance you recharge the SIM card, the expiration date gets pushed back a week.