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How can i get number of sex chatters in kenya

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(This is great, as I just treat the 'yes' that they give me as a yes to get it from them as well.And they've almost ALL gone along with it so far.) Then , I say "Write your number down there too." When you ask for email, it's very low risk for a woman, so she'll think "Fine, I'll do that." Most women will give out an email address without thinking about it, because they know that they can choose later to just not answer.

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Now, share ur success or failure stories honestly, to tell u if i am ryt or wrong.We have probably more than 100 male gsm nos posted here, how many of u can honestly, testify that he was called by a girl from NL? MY NAME ABAYOMI, STUDENT OF OOU, GIRL DO RUN AWAY FROM ME BECAUSE OF THE SIZE OF DICK AND AND BECAUSE I LIKE SEX ALOT SO PLEASE IF YOU KNOW YOU CAN GO UP TO 6ROUNDS AND LOOKING FOR A SERIOUS RELATIONSHIP CALL ME ON 08051401750 AM SERIOUSE OOOO I AM NOT JOKING AM LOOKING FOR A SERIOUS RELATIONSHIP THAT LIKE SEX ALOT I MEAN ALOT AND CAN TAK THE SIZE OF MY DICKi am a guy of 27yrs old an undergraduate of accounting.I need a good and loving girl for a serious relationship. My number is 08060818429 and my email address is [email protected] News: When will Nigerian guys learn for csake? You guys make men look so cheap in Nigeria, and thats y Nigerian ladies keep taking u all for a ride, cos u make them more superior than urselves.You see, women have many different reasons for giving out their phone numbers. But the universal feedback that I get from men, and in my personal experience, When you call a woman for the first time, she'll often start acting stand offish or even worse, just plain rude.Some love the attention of having a lot of men call them. It's almost like she's a different person than the one you met." If she looks at me and hesitates, or says that it's her "voicemail or pager number," then I say "Look, write your real number down.

It's going to be OK, I'll only call you nine times a day..." They laugh and usually give me their real number. I like email better, but I'll take your regular phone number. And I use this exact sequence every time I talk to a woman and I want to get her phone number.

I've found that getting an EMAIL address is not only easier, but it gets more positive responses later on.

It's almost as if women appreciate it that you've taken the time to think about what you're going to say when you write an email to them, and they think of you more like someone they know. And I've found that emails are answered FAR more often than voicemail messages.

This kind of thing can only work for european/american/asian women & not for african to say Nigerian ladies who see themselves as untouchable queen of sheba.

pls guys change for good, learn from experience, Nigerian ladies = pride!

Now, if she answers my first question and says "No, I don't have email" then I bust on them and say "Well, do you have electricity? It's so damn hard to reach people on the phone these days." Just realize that all you have to do is ask. I've gotten to the point where I can often do this in a minute or two - no kidding!