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Git svn error validating server certificate

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Your svn client can be configured to do that automatically for some common file types.Add the contents of the file the bottom of your ~/.subversion/config file, normally found at: Some files may need additional properties to be set, for example svn:executable=* should be applied to those script files (e.g..bat,.cgi,.cmd,.sh) that are intended to be executed.

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The Subversion or Git repository for your project should only be used if you want to be on the of the development effort.First try checking out the code from one of those machines.If it succeeds there, then you know that your username and password are correct.This is due to the fact that Open SSL does not come installed with root certificate authorities.You can simply accept this certificate permanently and your SVN traffic will be secure.Apache project contributors are located all around the world.

To enable them to work together on our software, we keep the source code in an Internet-accessible revision control system - either Subversion (SVN) or in Git.

Apache committers have write access to the repository for their projects, enabling them to make changes to the source code.

Everyone has read access to the repositories, so you may download the most up-to-date development version of the software.

In addition, if you have problems checking out the GSI repository, it is important to realize that the NOAA server that hosts the GSI repository only allows SVN access from trusted machines.

Currently that list includes: NCAR's yellowstone, NOAA's Jet, Vapor, and Theia, as well as a few other machines.

It then may be necessary to submit a request to NOAA to add your machine to the trusted list.