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Sex chat in portland oregon

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I thought this was a pretty progressive amenity—one I’d never seen before.I also remember thinking it was cool that the hotel actually acknowledged that people were having sex in their rooms, and that they promoted safety.

What if there was something for couples, maybe something sold through the mini bar, specifically designed to liven up intimate encounters? Obviously, nobody wants to fail so I think the goal is to control the size of the failures while trying to avoid them.A note from Kiera Hansen, the Youth HIV Education Coordinator: I have about a month of actually doing programming for Cascade AIDS Project and CHAT program.If you were wanting to work with me through this role (bring in a workshop, discuss curriculum, organize/complete an outreach project, need condoms/safer sex supplies in your space)... Reach out to me, we can schedule a meeting and get you on my ca CHATpdx is a collaboration between organizations and individuals working to curb HIV and AIDS transmission among young people through peer education and outreach, HIV testing, youth services and social media.So we sat down with CEO Tod Guenther to talk about the birth of this quirky company and its progress to date: What was the spark that inspired the birth of bunnyjuice? The first inspiration was simply the desire to start something new – a product-based business versus a creative services company.I’ve worked for years promoting, creating, and branding other people’s products, so I was really searching for a scalable venture or idea that gave us a product that we could apply our talents to.This will be our biggest year yet with Peruvian duo Alejandro y Maria Laura and Nicaraguan singer-songwriter Clara Grun..well as local artists and free food from La Bonita and Los Gorditos.

The event is ALL AGES and there will be a full bar available for folks who are 21 with valid ID.

By approaching the “adult space” in a clean, refreshing, adult way, we’ve created a user experience that’s non offensive, smart, and built on the philosophy of sexual wellness for everyone. Actually, now that you mention it, sleeping seems to be a big failure of mine. What is the best entrepreneurial advice you have received (and from whom)? Always look to hire people better than you are and let them do their job.” – Dad “Never forget you’re your best salesperson.” – Wife What is your #1 piece of advice for a budding entrepreneur? Always look to hire people better than you and let them do their job. What song best describes your entrepreneurial journey? Paid vacations, better cuts of meat and a warmer climate from time to time. And am in awe of anyone who can go from a waffle iron to a mega brand.

We launched our products through the hospitality channel, which allows people to interact with our brand in the privacy of their own room. Flashdance – “Oh What a Feeling.” Maybe it’s because I just watched “The Internship” but I can’t seem to get that crappy (sorry Irene Cara) song out of my head now. Plus, I can finally pay my CFO Patty Mc Culla what she’s worth (thanks Patty). Starts early, ends late, and I get to talk to many interesting people in between. Mc Menamin’s is another one, for creating a whole new industry, before it was popular, while at the same time building a unique and recognizable look through preservation of historical Oregon properties. A business that started as a labor of love, that went from salvaged house parts to highly desirable things, is amazing.

They take the risk and somehow actually make it work when most people simply question why.

When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? Do you think Oregon is a good place to start a business? women own a vibrator (and those are the ones who admitted to it).

You’ve polished off your chocolates, your roses are starting to wilt—what now? Bold, bright, and playful, this growing Hood River-based company is not your typical adult toy store.