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Why does chatropolis chat room keeps dropping out

Why does chatropolis chat room keeps dropping out-78

Choose Tools from the Menu bar, then Internet options. Select the Security tab then the Custom Level button 3. Scroll down to the section labelled "Java (Sun)" 4. This update changed the way in which IE handles some Web pages that use Active X controls and Java applets.

Please do not give out any personal information to strangers, no matter how trustworthy they may seem. I am still having problems connecting to the chat rooms despite following all the proper instructions?Please note: The Digichat servers have been eliminated. What kind of browser do I need and how do I activate Java to chat?Please refer to our Flash Chat help page for more assistance on our new software. Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/8* users: For the best speed and compatibility with the Client applet we recommend Internet.Private chat can also be initiated by double clicking on the persons name. It looks like a person with a big red line through it. Clicking Rooms will show any other rooms that may have been created by users of the chat. If you login from a different machine or a machine that uses a dynamic IP address, it will not permit a second login because you appear to be still in the room. After 10 minutes, the old username is automatically logged off and is available for use again. ' These errors indicate an inability to access our computers. However, it may be necessary to access Digi Chat from an external browser, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator/Communicator, rather than the built in AOL web browser.Any messages sent by this user will not be displayed on your screen. Some can only be accessed through passwords chosen by the creator of the rooms. This can be due to a problem with your Internet Service Provider (ISP), your modem, or the path between your computer and ours. This is due to apparent bugs in AOL 4.0 and earlier which cause some Java applets , such as Digi Chat, to redraw improperly. Why does it sometimes take longer than others to connect to the chat rooms?(for example, some Libaries establish a firewall to prevent chat room connections. Why do I get the message 'Sorry that nick () is logged in' but I don't see the user in the chat room?

Usernames are shared by all the rooms on a chat server. Why am I asked for a password when I try to login with certain usernames?

NOTE: New Rooms can only be created by certain moderators. How can I customize the chat window (fonts, colors, etc.)? It can also be because you are behind a firewall or using a proxy server. This bug appears to affect Windows 95/NT and Macintosh, though Windows 98 appears to be unaffected. Why do I get the 'Sorry not Java enabled' message when using Netscape 3.0 / MS Internet Explorer 3.0 on Windows 95? ' Your browser may be caching an earlier version of the applet. Under 'Check for newer versions of stored pages', check 'Every visit to the page.' Click Empty Folder and click Yes after 'Delete temporarily files? In most cases, slow connect and response times have to do with a slow computer on the Internet between your machine and ours.

(Private or Public: please see below) This is due to user abuse. Click on Settings and then click the appropriate tabs at the top to change fonts, scroll speed, etc. How can I find out more about someone in the chat room? Follow the instructions below to turn on the Java capability of your browser. Why do I get the following error messages: 'Security Violation. Clear the cache, exit the browser completely then try again. Other reasons include a firewall which prevents you to connect to the chat rooms.

UPDATE - We have upgraded our chat rooms to the latest version of Digichat.

Some of the older browsers may no longer be compatible with our chats.

Opening a newer browser while running AOL should fix this problem.