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Who are you then, my guardian angel, Or cunning tempter full of danger? It's morning, see, around all wakes, But little notice my Tanya takes.

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And then a novel in old-time style Will fill my sunset days meanwhile. Therein, that she loves without affectation, Obedient to feeling's inclination, Therein, that credulous is she, That heaven has given her to see With a mutinous imagination, With a mind and will alive, not dead, And with her own original head, And a heart of ardent and tender nature? Her bosom with unrest is heaving, A momentary flame her cheeks is leaving, Her breath dies on her lips, 'twould seem. The nightingale in dark woods nearby Begins to trill refrains resounding. But now it's all grown dim, dear Tanya, All I once knew I've forgotten now, Yes, a bad turn's come for me, somehow! Nanny, About those years whose song is sung: Were you in love when you were young? But you, for my unhappy hour One grain of pity making known, You will not leave me all alone. Tatyana stood before the window, And breathing on the freezing glass, She pondered awhile, my pretty lass, And with her lovely outstretched finger Upon the misted pane she drew The sacred initials E and O. So also a hare, in the late wheat shivering, Suddenly sees in a bush nearby A marksman with his musket lie. And soon with motionless eyes she tarries, And idleness overcomes her there. The moon looks round him, As if patrolling far vaults of sky. I used to remember So many things, both gay and sombre, Such ancient tales, such escapades Of evil spirits and innocent maids. TATYANA'S LETTER TO ONEGIN I write to you - what greater dower? I know that now you'll have the power To punish me with scorn some way. Only send your grandson off at once." XXXVI But all day passed, no answer coming. " The mistress questioned Lensky thus, "He has quite forgotten all of us! "He promised to be with you today," In answer Lensky was heard to say; "Seems the post's delayed - no letters delivered." Tatyana, eyes cast down, stood aloof, As if she had heard some sharp reproof. On the table gleaming There hissed the evening samovar, The Chinese tea-pot on top was steaming. 'Neath Olga's hand, the ritual knowing, Into each cup dark tea went flowing, The fragrant brew poured on in a stream, And a serving foot-boy added the cream. So also some poor butterfly quivering Still flutters with its rainbow wing When caught by a schoolboy scamp, poor thing!ͻ I II III IV V VI VII VIII Elle etait fille, elle etait amoureuse. " XXXIV "Ah, Nanny, do me one great favour." "Willingly dear, whatever you choose! I'll remember the accents of passionate pleasure, And words of yearning and burning love, In past days in the birch-tree grove, At the feet of my lovely mistress of leisure, Which came to my tongue and my love amused, And to which I now am quite unused. I'll sprinkle you with holy water, You're feverish..." "I'm not ill, my dove, I'm... At first his vanity we'll sting With hope, then with puzzlement's employment Torment his heart, and drive it on, Revive it with jealousy's fire anon, Or else, being bored with love's enjoyment, The cunning captive from his chain Is ever prepared to escape again. Can you imagine these ladies, maybe, With the "Well-intentioned" in their hand? In the orchard, servants on the rows Were gathering berries: their chorus goes To orders of the mistress' making: (The order's made to be sure, you see, That the mistress' berries, secretly, Some cunning lips do not start tasting, But with their singing must engage - A witty trick of village ways!

XIV The simple speech I'll start repeating, Of father, or uncle, aged betimes, Their children's agreed-on lovers" meeting, Beside the stream, 'neath ancient limes, Unhappy jealousy's tormentation, And parting, and tears of conciliation, Make them quarrel again, and in the end I'll bring them before the altar to bend... She does not say: "We'll wait a little, The price of love thus raise, and the bidder More certainly in the net we'll bring.

XII But now all minds in mist must grovel: Morality sends us all to sleep. On elbow leant, Tatyana's writing, And all the time Eugene in mind. I marvelled at their modish hauteur, Their natural virtues of highest order, And, I confess, from them I fled, And, so, it seems, with terror read Above their brows the hellish inscription: "Abandon hope, who enters here!

And at the end of the final chapter All vice with punishment was put down, And virtue earned itself the crown. XXII I once knew beauties inaccessible, Like winter, clean and cold, unkind, Incorruptible, and inexorable, Inscrutable for the human mind.

But then her door is opened quietly, Old Filipevna, all sobriety, is bringing in her morning tea. Ah, you my beauty are up already, My early morning popinjay! Well, God be thanked you're sound and steady, And last night's troubles have left no trace; It's as red as poppies, your pretty face!

XXXIII She does not notice that dawn is rising, But sits with heavy drooping head, And on the letter, her heart advising, Her seal engraved she does not set.

But you're unsociable, so they say; Here you find country backwoods boring, While we don't shine in any way, Though simply glad to have you calling. In the wilderness of our dwelling dormant I never should have known you thus, And never known such bitter torment. She moved, but scarcely finished rising, When in the alley, before her eyes, With burning looks, there stood Onegin, Like a threatening spectre slowly gazing, And, as if scorched by secret fire Tatyana stopped in confusion dire.