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Andy cohen dating jeff lewis

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It’s so great to watch him smack down Andy Cohen; I think I’d watch Watch What Happens every Thursday night if Jeff Lewis co-hosted it.“Oh, you want me to answer that,” he said to one of Andy’s statements that wasn’t phrased as a question.

So I can’t apologize for wrongdoing when I didn’t do anything wrong.” Jeff said, “I don’t see us moving past this. “I still harbor a lot of resentment” over the accusations.’ The joke didn’t appear to cause Glanville great distress, but when the show returned after a commercial break she wanted to revisit to the topic.”“She was tweeting afterwards saying it was, like, fixed or something. Whether it was a joke, it looked like it was a joke that went wrong.Last night's WWHL had a strange, tense undercurrent running throughout, and I got the distinct impression that Andy Cohen and Jeff Lewis, his guest last night, do not like each other. They know exactly what they're doing: they've always needled each other on the air.After the fight with Ryan, when Andy said something inane about the show, Jeff said, “It’s a big fucking trainwreck.I mean, come on, where have you been for the last two hours?For all purposes, Andy is Jeff's boss, and signs his paychecks.

But Jeff is smart enough to see through Andy's nice-guy BS and sometimes calls him on it.

To answer OP's question, for all intents and purposes, R2 is correct.-"Flipping Out" doesn't do enormously well in the ratings It doesn't cost much to put on the air.

As long as it's making money they'll keep it on the air.

It's filler for the nights their top rated shows aren't on. It's pretty boring, but I can't stand mainstream network tv (abc, nbc, cbs, fox). I've also watched every episode of every Law and Order show at least 50 times each, so that leaves Bravo and a few shows on TNT and USA TV sucks They were hilariously bitchy on Bravo's live New Year's Eve show, where they both made passes at the hot caterwaiter.

In the end, AC won the waiter because he said "I'm Jeff's boss, so my paycheck is bigger"is it true jeffy squeals like a gurl when gage rams it in his puckering hole?

” As Andy Cohen read a viewer question, Jeff rolled his eyes before Andy even got to the question, as in, “Must we suffer under this pretense of viewer questions just to relentlessly promote your still-awful web site that you think is good because people visit it even though it’s thoroughly awful? The first half had little that was new, but we did learn Jeff’s dating someone who “doesn’t want to have anything to do with the show.” Later, though, Ryan and Jeff reunited for the first time in a few weeks–not months, as Andy Cohen kept insisting even as the two men said otherwise.