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Updating from a higher level

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Maybe e Bay had a increase in sellers complaining that they're getting messages and packages kicked back to them because of bad information from buyers.

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Current Boto users can begin using Boto 3 right away.

I just think it is a good personal policy to have to NEVER use a link to update any financial or personal information. Since I updated info this spring, the ''Its been more than a year....'' part has a form letter feel to it. Make sure your settings are current'' I have one selling account registered at my business address, and one registered at my home address (phone #'s also) … I guess they just can't imagine someone legitimately having more than one address. Buyers often forget to update info when something changes and the seller sends the package to the wrong address.

Got the message , ignored it , then screen started jumping around. Things seem OK now , scans revealed nothing useful. The only problem is that the email was more like a phishing expedition than a valid request, so I always delete which I did.

While I do agree a reminder like this has value, to just start sending them without any type of announcement as to why was a bit unnerving. The daily one that has about 5,000 feedback and the somewhat abandoned one with about 350 feedback that I use once every couple of months.

I've been selling on Ebay since 1999 and with the exception of the hacking, they have never done this before. I only got that email for the low feedback account.

A remote control is a very simple example of an engineered product that contains firmware.