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Who is the dream currently dating

Asides from that, his love of day time TV - Countdown is a favourite - is legendary. Seemingly not the most of intellectual of chaps, once talk on his latest movie has been exhausted, he could become a bit of a bore.So, will be whisked off your feet or incredibly bored? Enrique Iglesias Pro: Sexiest Latin man alive Con: Notorious womaniser Latin teen idol Enrique Iglesias - the biggest-selling Spanish language artist in the world - has become a super star seemingly overnight.

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Keep your hopes up and continue to bombard your celebrity crush with messages of adoration because who knows, one day they might just notice.Can we blamed for hankering after a regular bloke - who isn't always perfect in every respect? Ben Affleck Pro: A handsome intellectual Con: Too soppy The chisel-jawed star that struck pay dirt with Good Will Hunting, has become one of Hollywood's leading men.A magazine cover boy and all-round American success story, he is all the more desirable now that he has left his days of hard drinking behind.He is a true bohemian - and is passionate about art, food and the finer things in life.He is the kind of man who would sweep you off your feet by inviting you to go and see a Croatian gypsy band playing (incidently his favourite music).A rare charisma combined with an air of genuineness and a quirky sense of humour are his trademark through-and-through.

But don't expect to walk up the aisle anytime soon.

These days, she's actually dating the man of her dreams!

Here he is doing his thing on the Disney Channel show that brought him fame as a youngster: Since their whirlwind romance, numerous loved-up photos have been posted on the couple's respective social media accounts (Danielle's is now private), signaling that their relationship is very real and is not just an exaggerated fan fantasy meticulously forged by Danielle.

So if you could see yourself playing stay-at-home cave woman to this larger-than-life cave man - you can live together happily forever after.

However, you could be biting off more than you can chew with this notoriously temperamental star.

It seems that for one particular fan, the impossible has actually happened.