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Payment plans are available upon request unless otherwise noted.

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Are you ready to stop ignoring your feelings and own them? My primary focus as an empowerment/journaling coach is to help young ladies and women (age 15 ) to build their confidence and self-esteem, develop stronger boundaries in their relationships (family, friends and romantic partners), and I advocate the practice of journaling as one of the primary tools to do so.But I DO guarantee that you will have a transformational experience with me after we means that you do your part, and I do mine, all in good faith.After we work together for at least 4 weeks, if you don't believe that working with me was worth the value you invested despite all the work you did (we shall discuss your due diligence), I will give you an additional 4 sessions of coaching for free (these additional sessions must be continuous from the time you indicate dissatisfaction).A good coach will not give personal advice or tell you what you should do, but instead, will guide and encourage you to find the answers from within, and hold you accountable.I cannot possibly guarantee that your goals will be met in the duration of our coaching–there are too many factors at play.Can you accept responsibility for things you've done in the past?

Has it been hard for you to accept who you are as a person? If you answered YES to any of the questions above, you may be ready to meet and forge onto a great, exciting journey with an empowerment coach like me.

With your permission only, I will record the call and take notes on what we discuss.

Your information is always kept confidential (except in cases where you indicate bodily harm to yourself or someone else, in which case I have an ethical and legal duty to report).

Is there something you have been trying to accomplish for a long time, but just can't start or finish, no matter how many times you try?

Do you feel stuck in an undesirable or unfulfilling job, city, or relationship?

I help my clients identify and uncover negative, destructive patterns and get unstuck, so they can figure out what they really want or need.