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Python non validating xml parser

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" Either I got no answers or the answers were like comparing apples and oranges.

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I asked the question, "How does XML:: Parser compare to the competition?So you're welcome to download what I've got and try it out for yourself.Also, since I'm more experienced in Perl and C than Java and Python, gurus of those two languages may want to comb through the implementations written in them, checking for newbie mistakes.An application must provide callbacks (or their equivalent) in order to receive information back from the parser.While some of them have a validating mode, all the parsers were run as non-validating parsers.Some of the parsers wanted it to be there if you declared it, even in non-validating mode.

The other documents are mechanically expanded versions of

May 5, 1999 Clark Cooper This article compares the performance of six implementations of a single program that processes XML.

Each implementation uses a different XML parser and four different languages are used: C, Java, Perl, and Python.

I described this program in my September article on this site.

It produces a top-down statistical report on the elements in an XML document: the number of occurrences; a breakdown of the number of children, parents, and attributes; and character count.

When I say that a single program was implemented six times, I mean that each implementation produces (or should produce) exactly the same output for a given input document.