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Dating questions for guys

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Most probably you would like to know whether he’s a successful businessman or a janitor at the local high school.Also it tells you a little something about his personality.

It is possible that at one point he will blow you off to watch Fox News.The questions which will reveal his professional life to you are: Questions To Ask A Girl Similarly, there are a few questions which should be asked to a girl before dating her.Don’t start abruptly asking intimate questions; let her settle down first.For instance, if he’s an arts teacher it means that he is creative, he likes art and he is good with children.This is something you might want to know for the future.If he answers the right way, it means that the people he cares about are more important than some stupid TV show, so he might have a shot with you.

As one of the speed dating rules, you have to make sure to learn about his bad sides as well.

It also shows that he has some creativity and he is resourceful.

If not, it might be because he respects the privacy of people, he is compassionate or simply because he doesn’t like to get his hands dirty and prefers sitting on the couch watching TV.

So, what all questions should be asked on a speed date?

This is probably the biggest question, as you want to leave a good impression, along with acquainting yourself with the date.

Then ask a few questions which will form the basis of your further discussion, like: After gathering knowledge about her professional profile, you will be interested in knowing about what kind of person she is.