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Men who ejaculated more in their teens and 20s had the least incidence of prostate cancer.

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If a man is trying to conceive, he has a better chance if he's masturbated within a few days than if he hasn't.

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Masturbating cannot cause you to run out of sperm, semen, or other sexual fluids.

These fluids are replenished daily just like other bodily fluids: saliva, stomach acid, bile. It keeps the blood flowing in and out of the penis like it's supposed to for erections. Graham Giles queried a group of men with prostate cancer and an age-matched group without it about how often they ejaculated at various points in their lives.

Like any other part of the body, the penis can hurt if it has too much activity, but that does not mean a male is "overmasturbating." It simply means that the guy should take it easy for a day or so and perhaps use lubricant on the penis if masturbating is painful.