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Mentally retarded dating

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It is hard to explain but it is like they just plainly do not give a fuck if someone is gay or straight at all.

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I remember it being very touching and supposedly based on a true story.No one said the woman was "intelligent" anyway, just average intelligence.I remember watching a TV movie from way back about a young mentally disabled couple who meet and marry.Treat Williams played the hottest mentally challenged guy in cinema history, who falls in love with Kelly Mc Gillis.They, along with Paco the parrot, run from their little hick town to start over and set up house so they can kiss "while they got no clothes on."It used to show up on Starz Romance every now and again back in the '00s.The woman I referred to at R29 was/is intelligent -- average, not above average, but not stupid -- a typical amount of intelligence.

She was an office manager with several small firms & then ran one huge corporation's local branch for many years -- she was given quite a bit of responsibility & usually did a fine job, though not outstanding.

As for dating someone retarded, never, it would be too much like taking advantage of them.

I knew a woman who was a well-respected nurse, and married a man who can be charitably described as "slow." He worked at a variety of menial odd jobs, like stocking shelves. Two were low-normal, but able to make a life for themselves.

I know some fatties and some are were desperate and married what they could get, but none married mentally handicapped people."What's your rationale for an intelligent woman marrying a mentally defective man & having 2 mentally defective kids with him?

" What kind of cunt do you have to be to call someone mentally defective?

One was mentally retarded in some manner and attended special classes. They looked quite alike, shared the same disability, etc.