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In the privacy of his room one night, Kenny goes to his computer and is seen unzipping his trousers and reaching for tissues.Minutes later, he gets an email from an anonymous account, which reads, “WE SAW WHAT YOU DID.” Then another: “REPLY WITH YOUR PHONE NUMBER OR WE POST THE VIDEO TO EVERYONE IN YOUR CONTACTS.” Kenny does, which sparks a series of texts ordering him to fulfill various bizarre tasks: Meet a guy on a rooftop, deliver a cake to a man in a hotel room who’s being similarly manipulated, join forces with that man (Jerome Flynn) to pick up a car, rob a bank, drive to an isolated location in the woods and go alone to a drop-off point, where yet another victim of the unseen overlords is waiting.“Shut Up and Dance” is written by Brooker and William Bridges, and directed by James Watkins, whose previous work in psychological horror includes the 2007 backpacker thriller .

David, I agree with you that the ending of “Playtest” fell flat. Hence episodes like “Shut Up and Dance,” seemingly set in the present like “The National Anthem” and “White Bear” and “The Waldo Moment,” all of which imagined scenarios so plausible that two of them have apparently come true.Brooker’s already made the point that moral panic is a bad thing, and to relish in the degradation of criminals makes us as bad as them. To understand that good people can have awful urges? To realize how awful it would be if everyone’s private internet activity was made public? Whatever else you can say about Mark Zuckerberg, the dude has had some significant ups and downs in both his personal and business lives.As such, he’s probably not someone you should use as a role model — unless you want to protect your computer’s security physically.A recent photograph on Zuckerberg's own Facebook page suggests that the Facebook CEO covers his computer’s webcam and microphone with masking tape.”)Ultimately, though, the episode felt like too much of an endurance test, with no clear message or moment of redemption to take away from it.

“White Bear” was basically the same kind of grueling experience, forcing viewers to live through a terrifying escape from gun-wielding masked terrorists and bizarre pedestrian bystanders doing nothing to intervene, then revealing (spoiler) that the woman we’ve sympathized with throughout the whole episode helped commit the horrific murder of a child and is now being punished for it in a perpetual loop.

After that, the episode focuses on Kenny (Alex Lawther), a sweet and shy teenager who works in a restaurant kitchen.

After his sister freezes his computer trying to watch illegal movies, Kenny downloads a free malware program called Shrive, which, unbeknownst to him, activates his laptop camera and begins filming him.

And the overarching mystery of the episode—the question of who exactly is running this horrible show—is as unclear as it ever was.

I didn’t take anything away from this episode other than a sense of doom, and an urge to cover up every camera I own. You might have to tell me by letter because I’m fighting the urge to go offline forever.

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