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Gottman’s research prove a simple truth: men make or break heterosexual relationships.

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You can catch the episode that sparked the book, Pick-A-Little, Talk-A-Little, halfway through Season 5. Not only that, it’s a book I’m sure every MAN wishes every woman would read, as men have a tendency to do EVERYTHING and ANYTHING other than tell you they’re just not that into you in an effort to squeeze you out of their life.I’d also recommend Greg’s other books, (the absolute dating bible). Published in 2010, this is a good one for women who are too picky – or, more specifically, picky about the wrong things.If you’re serious about finding a life partner, it’s worth a read.I’ve had men swear black and blue that if it wasn’t for their career/ recent break-up/childhood trauma/the fact that they live somewhere else (ever heard of moving?! When you’re an honest and verbal person, as I am, you take people at their word, as you expect them to take you at yours. In some instances, he may not even realize it himself, but it’s crap.) or the classic “I’m just not READY for a relationship right now”, we’d be together. For whatever reason, he’s not stepping up to the plate, and that’s all you need to know.Here are some of my all-time favourites for that: , by Gordon Livingston (one of the best bits is his three-part secret to happiness: something to do, someone to love, and something to look forward to).

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I’m able to do that now, with finesse, thanks to this book.

I think one of the best lessons you can learn in relationships, and life, is to know when to move on from something that’s not meant to be. And guess what – he signed all three of my books when I met him, and the incomparable Janeane Garofalo, after a stand-up comedy gig at the Sydney Opera House. The last relationship advice book I read, which was a couple of years ago now, was , by Lori Gottlieb.

She takes you through the 10 relationships that won’t work, fatal flaws and compatibility time bombs – and outlines your options. She also takes you through what qualities to look for in a partner, and how to know when it’s “right”.

(Psst: You’ll never know 100%, but you’ll have a fairly good idea after reading this book.) I had a break from relationship advice books for a while until an absolute game-changer came along in 2004: by Greg Behrendt (a Sex and the City comedic consultant) and Liz Tuccillo (a Sex and the City scriptwriter), which was later made into a movie with an all-star cast.

, the authors show men the secrets of attraction, of dating, of mating, of day-to-day living, and how to build a solid, satisfying long-term relationship with a woman. Any man who wants to get closer to a woman should read this book. It would have saved me from being in some of the bad relationships I was in, and would have made the good ones better. Together, they work side-by-side to research relationships, provide therapy and workshops for couples, train therapists, write bestselling books, and strengthen couple relationships worldwide.