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Was that a conscious decision for how you wanted to play him? You’re as much a politician, as you are anything else.” So, a lot of that came from Joe, as an idea. I’m sure he could be many different people, if he was called upon to be that.

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“I decided that I needed to take control,” the Chicago native told .He’s starred in and financed “H4,” a street version of William Shakespeare’s “Henry IV”; “Mr.Sophistication,” chronicling the journey of a stand-up comedian inspired by Lenny Bruce and Richard Pryor; and “Revival,” a gospel concert movie starring Mali Music, described by Lennix as “‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ meets ‘The Wiz.'” With longtime associate Steve Harris, the duo has formed Exponent Media Group and made a distribution deal for “H4” and the concert movie to be shown through Nehst Media’s Digiplex chain early next year. So, I heard about the script, read it and enjoyed it.I’m really at the point where I’m not doing that anymore. Some of them looked like they weren’t going to be so good, but they got picked up. My brother is a 30-year veteran of the Illinois state police, where he did a lot of DEA work and all sorts of other things. What’s interesting to me is what happened before he was the Assistant Director of Counter-terrorism at the FBI ‘cause there was a before.“What we want to do is to make good quality films that we actually want to make for a price.” Lennix acknowledges that he’s been able to work regularly in movies, TV and stage over the last three decades with credits including TV roles in “Commander in Chief,” “24” and “ER” and movie roles in “State of Play,” “Ray,” “The Matrix: Revolutions” and “The Matrix: Reloaded.” But he also believes that it’s not enough.

“I would love to just keep acting but I’m forced to make business for myself,” he added.

Somebody can say very general things like, “Be more charming. It makes the agency look better and it makes the United States safer because he’s helping us catch criminals. Do you think that Harold Cooper would like to get out in the field and out in the action, or is he find with other people taking care of that?

LENNIX: I think the character, Harold Cooper, is happy to sit behind the desk and enjoy 5 o’clock cocktails with the head of the NSA, as they discuss the situation of the day. I would chase people around, beat them up and all of that, and I had a blast doing it.

2 of the story of “Anslo Garrick,” Liz Keen (Megan Boone) disarms the signal jammers to call in back-up, but runs into trouble along the way. And then, to be honest with you, I told my manager, “I don’t want to do this anymore. I was sick of waiting in rooms for people half my age to give me the once-over. You’re gonna try to be Ted Williams, but there’s Joe Di Maggio. When you do a pilot that’s this good, did that make you extra nervous to read the script for Episode 2, and did you breathe a sigh of relief that it was still as good? Okay, it wasn’t an accident.” NBC, these writers and these producers are good at this, so they’re gonna make sure that they keep the ball in the air, so to speak.

Meanwhile the fate of Ressler (Diego Klattenhoff) hangs in the balance as Red (James Spader) tries to bargain with Anslo Garrick (guest star Richie Coster). All they really have to do, if you want to see an example of my work, is to go to Google or You Tube. So, I just felt that I had come to the point where I wasn’t gonna take it anymore because my work is widely available, people seem to like it, and I’ve proven myself about a billion times, across a wide variety of genres. I take that as a divine sign or signal of, “You did it the right way. This kind of character is not someone viewers get to learn much of the backstory about.

When I heard that they were going to be doing Man of Steel, I thought to myself, “Man, that would be great!