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They also suggest once they've bought their home they should review their protection needs, and think about longer-term investments.Don't take on further debts Patrick Connolly from Chase de Vere says the couple are using their cards sensibly, and are wise not to take on new debts.

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"We try to be as savvy as we can with our spending, and always check sites like uk when buying online."This would potentially enable them to buy with a deposit of just 5 per cent," he says.The Government will then provide a loan for up to 20 per cent – and the couple would then need to take out a mortgage of up to 75 per cent of the purchase price to meet the shortfall."Many mainstream lenders are now offering deals," adds Mr Hibbitt."For example, if Stephanie and Shaun took a five-year fix with Santander over 35 years (at 95 per cent on a £150,000 property), their monthly repayments would be around £700."Mr Daems reminds the couple that interest rates are currently very low."If they opt for a variable-rate mortgage, their monthly repayments will go up once general interest rates go up," he warns. The best way is by opting for a fix." Don't stop pension saving Stephanie is very lucky to be a member of the NHS pension scheme, according to Mr Connolly."This is a fantastic scheme which provides guaranteed benefits that would be very difficult to replicate elsewhere," he says.Stephanie also has £6,000 in a Halifax savings account, while the couple have around £200 in a joint savings account with Nationwide."We tend to put money we get for Christmas and for birthdays into the Nationwide account," says Stephanie. In addition, we have £1,500 in premium bonds."The couple are looking to buy their first home in Cornwall.

"As I have an NHS career in Truro, I hope to live not too far from there," says Stephanie.

The couple have been living with Shaun's parents in Newquay, Cornwall, for the past 14 months, enabling them to save up to £1,000 a month.

They are now very close to reaching their £10,000 target.

"Equally, we are both open to commuting that extra bit further if the perfect house comes along.

Ideally we'd like a detached three-bedroom house costing between £150,000 and £180,000."The couple moved in with Shaun's family in November 2012, and pay £450 a month in rent.

"The more they are able to save, the less they will need to borrow, and so the easier it will be to buy a property," he says.